Crimson Sunbird : National bird of Singapore

The National bird of Singapore is Crimson Sunbird. The decision was taken in 2002 when a voting was held that lasted for three days. In the 3-day Nature Society Singapore contest, Crimson Sunbird won 38 percent votes. Under the president Dr. Shawn Lum, the President of Nature Society, it was declared on 31st October 2015 that Crimson Sunbird or Aethopyga siparaja is the official bird of Singapore. Though it took 13 years for Crimson Sunbird to become an official national bird, it had much importance for Singapore Nature Society as it was discovered and studied for the first time by the forefather of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles.

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Crimson Sunbird looks like typical sea eagles and similar to hummingbirds. They are the most active in their breed, the weak claws and elongated beak help them grab insects and nectar from small plants and fly away from predators. There are around 2 Million Crimson Sunbirds in the region and are increasing due to the steps were taken by nature preservation society of Singapore. After the baby birds are hatched from the eggs, they have no feathers, and their eyes are open with small beaks.

Habitat of National bird of Singapore :

Crimson Sunbirds are typical Asian birds, they are found in Asian region mostly in East Asian region. The tropical regions of Indonesia, India, and Singapore have abundant species of Crimson Sunbirds.In Singapore, Crimson Sunbirds are found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, that is the largest nature reserve in Singapore. Some of the species are also found in Singaporean Central Catchment Nature Reserve and Bukit Batok Nature Reserve.

[table caption=”Crimson Sunbird Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Singapore
3,Wingspan,only 11 cm
5,Mass Male,7.8 g
6,Mass Female,7.8 g .
7,Body Length,11 cm long

Crimson Sunbirds largely feed on Nectar. Apart from nectar, they also eat small insects. They are medium-sized birds with many pigmentation. They are found in woodlands, low-lying forests, and cultivated lands. They are not marathon flyers, they fly at a short distance. Their brisk movement helps them catch insects and climb on trees.

National Bird Shape and Size:

They are small in size, their average length is 11 cm, they have short wings, maroon colored tails, and olive colored belly. Both males and females have different color combinations and are differentiated by breast coloring.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Singapore :

  • The scientific name of Crimson Sunbird is Aethopyga Siparaja.
  • Crimson Sunbirds are found in South-Eastern region from the Philippines, Singapore to India.
  • On average, they lay 3-4 eggs in a season.
  • The birds have medium down-curved bills that are adapted for collecting nectar.
  • The males have long tails, mostly dark green in color. In female Crimson Sunbirds, the tail is olive-green in color.
  • The chest region in both male and female Crimson Birds are yellowish.
  • It takes 18-20 days for a Crimson Sunbirds to hatch the eggs.
  • Their sounds are familiar for both males and females and are pronounced as Chee-chewee.
  • Before Crimson Sunbirds were declared as National birds, it was a common joke that Singapore Airlines is the National bird of Singapore.
  • The Crimson Sunbirds are also known as yellow-backed Sunbird and Scarlett-throat sunbird.
  • The Sunbird was first studied by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822 in the Singapore region.

Crimson Sunbird Picture

picture of Crimson Sunbird

Crimson Sunbird Pics

Crimson Sunbird Picture

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