Common Raven: National Bird of Bhutan

National Bird of Bhutan

The national bird of Bhutan is Common Raven. Bhutan is one of the world’s most isolated countries. Because the country is located in the heart of the Himalayan mountains, and because its Government is pursuing a deliberate policy that it should remain so. Bhutan is thus even today almost completely unaffected by the modern development and works on visitors as a pristine medieval society, where only a few things have changed since the country became a Buddhist in the 8. century.

National Bird of Bhutan

[table caption=”Common Raven Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Bhutan
3,Wingspan,115-150 cm
5,Mass Male, 800-1500 g.
6,Mass Female, 800-1500 g.
7,Body Length,54-70 cm

About Raven

The raven nest almost everywhere in Greenland, except in the northernmost areas. Ravens often occur in and around cities, while the nest is usually placed on steep cliffs or ledges. Moreover, ravens sedentary, however, strays part in the winter.

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The raven is a large crow with a dark, shiny metallic plumage and a very sharp beak. The tail is quite long and V-shaped. In addition, the raven is the only crow in Greenland.

Interesting Facts of National Bird of Bhutan

  • Raven lives mainly of dead or sick animals, which they find in nature. In addition, take the ravens also eggs, chicks, seeds and waste.
  • The Habitat of Raven is mountain.
  • Raven played an important role in Norse mythology. The god Odin had two ravens, Hugin and Munin, which he sent around the world as human activity Scouts. When the ravens came back to Odin, he knew everything that was going on in human activity the world.
  • The Greenlandic name of Raven is Tulugaq
  • The Scientific name is Raven is Corvus corax
  • The English name of Raven is Common Raven
  • Raven Class is Bird
  • Raven Order is Passeriformes
  • Raven Family is Corvidae
  • Max. Life expectancy: 23 years
  • Litter size: 4-6 eggs
  • Number of litters: 1 pr. year
  • Incubation period: 21 days

Common Raven Picture

Picture of Common Raven

Common Raven Pics

Common Raven Picture

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