5 Tips for Choosing the Best Material for Your Smartphone Case in 2024

Our mobile phones are always in our hands. The first thing we do after we wake up in the morning is to check our smartphones. The last thing that we do when going to sleep is also browsing, surfing or chatting. Busy in the kitchen, the mobile phone will be there. Taking a bath, your phone might be in your bathroom.

Therefore, the phone may be exposed to various things and elements. And what is the solution? Using a smartphone case is the best thing that we can do for our phones. There are numerous materials, some provide protection against falling and some against sharp objects. However, all of them are equally protective against water and splashes.

But getting a case for some phones is not easy. You might find them all in the market either because they are sold out or the shopkeeper does not sell them. Not everyone can afford expensive phones. Therefore, most shopkeepers do not keep covers for them. This is merely because of consumer demands. However, there are sites like where you can buy covers for almost all mobile phones. Be sure to visit their website and get the cover you are looking for.

The need for a case cover

But protection is not the only reason for getting a cover. Although it is one of the reasons but there are other reasons too. A lot of people want different designs. Some of them want their phone covers to match with what they are wearing. Therefore, they pay special attention to the design and colors. That is why there are a variety of options available in the market.
So how will you decide which one is better for you?

Of course, the reason is important. If you want to protect your phone, you need to get the best material. Here is a list of materials that you can get for yourself.

1 – Silicon


One of the most common materials that manufacturers use for making mobile phone covers is silicon. The reason for its excessive use is the shock absorbance of silicon. Sometimes, the whole cover is made from silicon. In other cases, silicone is used in the center to prevent shocks or on the edges.

The most exposed points are corners. You might have experienced this many times that whenever your phone slips from your hands, the first thing that touches the ground in the corner. Therefore, protective cases usually have thick silicon edges.

With an increase in the silicone rating, the shock absorbance increases. But in addition to the shock absorbance, these covers also offer dust and water protection. And if the cover has military drop test certification, you can rest assure with everything.

2 – Leather


Leather cases give off a luxurious and formal look. These are best for businessmen and office workers as they go well with formal dresses. The price varies for leather cases. The better the leather quality, the higher the price you will have to pay. Furthermore, the leather is only on the exterior side. The internal cover that surrounds the phone is either made from rubber or silicon. Therefore, you will have a decent look as well as protection against falls.

Moreover, if you keep your phone in your pocket, you won’t have to fear abrasions and scratches. The soft lining on the internal side of the cover will provide protection to the screen. So you can just put it in your bag or pocket and the screen will be safe. In addition to the protection and luxurious look, leather covers also provide a good grip.

Leather cases not only offer a sophisticated appearance but also practical benefits. The natural texture of leather ensures a firm grip, reducing the likelihood of your phone slipping from your hands. This is especially important for those who are always on the move. Additionally, leather ages gracefully, acquiring a unique patina over time that adds to its charm and character. It’s a choice that combines durability with timeless style.

For those looking for even more rugged protection, especially in challenging environments, you might want to explore other options. Click for Pelican cases, renowned for their robust and durable design, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone needing extra protection against harsh conditions. These cases are engineered to withstand extreme impacts and are often waterproof, ensuring your device stays secure in any situation.

3 – Rubber


Rubber cases are also great in terms of protection against slips, falls and shocks. In addition to this, they are soft and quite flexible, plus you will get a variety of designs. And all of this will be available for you at a reasonable price.

In addition to this, if you are a frequent changer, you will sell your current phone after some time. Buying rubber cases will be the best investment in that vase. They will protect the hardware of your phone. So if you go to the market to sell it, you will surely get quite a good price for it.

4 – Plastic (polycarbonate)


This is not just a regular plastic but polycarbonate or TPU plastic. It is a hard material, unlike rubber and silicon. However, mixing polycarbonate with TPU will make it a bit softer. Thus, the plastic cover will be hard and durable and will also provide protection against falls and shocks.

But you should also be careful with the falling limit. A hard case won’t be able to resist higher pressure. Silicon and rubber have high pressure bearing capacity than plastic and TPU. So, it is highly likely that the cover will break if your phone falls on a hard surface. But it will still be able to protect your phone.

Despite everything, plastic covers will provide shockproofing and elasticity. Moreover, they are quite affordable and lightweight and wear-resistant.

5 – Metal


Metal covers are not so common because they are quite hard and heavy and are also expensive. You have to keep in your mind that the metal case will be heavy and bulky. Furthermore, their demand is low so you won’t find it easily and that is why they are also quite expensive.

In addition to this, the metallic cover will be for the protection of the backside of the mobile. You will still need a protective layer for your screen.
Moreover, even though the metal cover is highly durable, it won’t be suitable for long-term use. It will be metal so there won’t be shock absorbance through mobile phone won’t get severe damage.

Also, the metal will get hot and cold depending upon the weather. Therefore, these covers are for a special group of people or who need to use them for special occasions.
In addition to these materials, you can also find fabric and wooden covers. But they are also not very common.

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