How to Choose the Right Retirement Residence?

As the years go by, an inevitable question arises for each of us. Where and how we will live, when we retire. Some people start dealing with this issue much earlier. As soon as the children become independent, move away, start living within their families, then if someone loses their spouse or their old place of residence is no longer suitable for them, these are situations when thinking about a future place of residence begins even before retirement. It is not easy for anyone to deal with this topic. People are aware that this is probably their permanent solution, they feel that the years have arrived, and leaving their home is difficult and stressful.

Those who are lucky that their health still serves them, that they are independent in movement, doing daily chores, and even more than that… those who can travel, engage in various activities and hobbies, they have the opportunity to move to retirement home. They do not need a classic nursing home, where they are sick and immobile people, where everything works on a hospital basis.

Retirement residence

Retirement residence means a group of houses, bungalows, a smaller or larger settlement, inhabited by elderly people, who are retired or in front of it. There are different types of these settlements. Of course, some are higher class, more expensive, with luxury accommodation, and some are more modest, but also attractive and adapted to the lives of older people. There is also a condo style, and these are buildings with apartments, where tenants share common rooms, garages, swimming pool, yard, but the apartments are separate units.

Someone wants to stay in their old neighborhood, so they look for a location in their city or county. And some people prefer to go to unfamiliar places, often warmer than theirs. Many want to try life in a completely new environment and climate, which is a sign that their youthful spirit and adventurism have not left them.
When making a decision, attention should be paid to:

1. Choice of place of residence


As we have already said, it is necessary to decide on the location. Do you want to stay in your old environment and what is available from the retirement residence in it. Maybe you would prefer to go to warmer regions, to the sea, a spa or a mountain? You need to research and study the offers in detail and decide on what attracts you the most.

2. Budget

It is clear to you that the budget is a key factor in this decision and that everything depends on it. Seek the advice and help of a professional if you are not able to project your income and expenses yourself. According to the possibilities, decide on your future home.

3. How independent you are


You have to answer this question honestly to yourself. It is very bad to fall into the trap of self-deception in terms of one’s abilities and possibilities. Can you go to the supply yourself, pay the bills, cook, maintain the hygiene of the house, do the laundry and ironing? You may be able to do everything or just something, but keep in mind that over the years, more help will be needed. Let this be one of the most important factors in your choice. If you are in poorer health, have a chronic illness, are not in a condition to do your daily chores, do not choose a house with a lawn and a garden, stairs that will only complicate your life. Opt for an apartment, where you will not worry about mowing the lawn, bad weather, leaking roof…

According to the Sienna Living you will get all the help you need but without losing your independence, and that is truly amazing.

4. Interests

Your interests, hobbies, your temperament, should also be taken into account. Are you a withdrawn, calm person, who likes to read, write, watch movies, sets? Or are you a social merrymaker who plays an instrument, sings, acts as an amateur, plays Latin dances and adores big and noisy company? These are important things to take care of so that we do not repent and find ourselves in an environment that will disturb us and that will not please us.

5. Medical care


Nowadays, both young and old have chronic diseases. Think about your health condition, possible therapies, controls, medications you are taking. If you need the care and services of medical staff, it is absolutely necessary to determine if such a thing is offered where you would move.

6. Environment

Before you decide on a particular retirement residence offer, check the security of that area. Is it located in a quiet place with greenery, or on a square or main road where traffic is constantly flowing? Whether they are near shops, pharmacies, restaurants, swimming pools or places for recreation, hospitals or some other medical centers. Imagine your life there, do you think you will feel comfortable and is the place to your liking.

7. Services

Close-up of smiling senior woman with walking stick and friendly nurse. Friendly caregiver talking with a happy elderly woman with a walking stick at a sanatorium

If you estimate that your daily obligations, at home, take up too much energy and time, make an agreement on assisted living. This means that you can contract a service that would provide you with, for example, food. Would it be all meals or just some, maybe just snacks, coffee, fruit … you would decide for yourself. You can also request space maintenance, laundry and ironing services. You can also rely on someone to give you medication at a certain time and make sure you always have enough. In all or only some obligations, you can be replaced by a service or an existing service, but be sure to check what the residence you have chosen offers. Study their offer in detail and do not hesitate to ask orally everything you are interested in.
The decision to move out of your home is not at all easy. There are rational and practical reasons, but there is also sentimentality, memories, neighborhood… old life from which we say goodbye. Everyone survives it in their own way and inevitably goes through a phase of sensitivity and nostalgia.
However, moving to a retirement service should not be seen as a bad thing, as a step backwards. On the contrary, it is our chance to dedicate more to ourselves, our pleasures, socializing and staying in nature … We will have less obligations, and more time for ourselves and things that make us happy. Our family can always visit us, and we can go to her. We may meet many new, interesting people, with whom we will share life and spend days, and whom we may never meet. With a little luck, to be served by health, we have a great chance to spend many more beautiful and fun years, which will make us happy and which we will add to our lives.

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