Bridgetown : The Capital City Of Barbados

Capital City Of Barbados

The Capital city of Barbados Bridgetown it is a major tourist destination in the Lesser Antilles. It is located in the Bay of Carlisle, southwest of the island. It is the main port and commercial center of the island. Bridgetown is mainly exported sugar, rum and molasses. Capital city of Barbados (Bridgetown) is also a financial center.

The Capital City Of Barbados

Capital City Of Barbados

The present location of the city was established by the English in 1628 after its settlement in Jamestown. Bridgetown is a major tourist destination West Indies, and the city acts as a major financial center, computer science and convention center in the region of the Caribbean.

Why Bridgetown Capital Of Barbados


Although the island was totally abandoned or uninhabited when the British landed there, one of the few vestiges of pre-existence Indians on the island is a primitive bridge built over the Careenage marsh area in the center of Bridgetown. It is suspected that this bridge was created by an indigenous people to the Caribbean known as the arahuaco.

In determining the structure of the British settlers began to call what is now the area of ​​Bridgetown, Indian Bridge. It is believed that the Areaways were expelled from Barbados to the neighboring island of Santa Lucia during an invasion of another indigenous people of the region known as the Carobs.

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Finally after 1654, when a new bridge was built on the Careenage by the British, it became the area known as The City of Saint Michael and later as Bridgetown, and the last name stuck.

Capital city of Barbados is the only continental city outside of North America that visited George Washington. (George Washington House, the house where he stayed, is now part of Garrison Historic Area)

From 1800 to 1885 Bridgetown served as the main seat of government for the former British colony of the Windward Islands. During this period, the resident Governor of Barbados also served as head of the colonial Windward Islands. After the Government of Barbados officially left Barlovento Island Union in 1885, the venue moved from Bridgetown to Saint George’s on the neighboring island of Granada.

Barbados has been governed by the Labor Party of Barbados (PLB) for the last thirteen years, which is called the “Owen Arthur Administration”. Prime Minister Owen S. Arthur was chosen among the leaders from around the world to deliver the William Wilberforce conference on the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the Atlantic.

Among the breathtaking scenery, and the new perspective of the city, Barbados attracts many investors from various spheres. The current ICC Cricket World cup 2007 tournament has attracted thousands of visitors to the island and remains a very thriving event.

Geography and climate

The city of Bridgetown, and the wider area of ​​Greater Bridgetown, occupies most of the parish of Saint Michael, an area that spans about 39 square kilometers. Bridgetown’s center was initially composed of a swamp, which was quickly drained and developed.

In the center of Bridgetown are the Careenage and River Constitution. This body of water provides the city with direct access from medium-sized yachts or small boats. Although moderately shallow, the Careenage cuts Bridgetown into two parts. During the rainy season it works as a water outlet for the inland islands. Flowing into Carlisle Bay on the southwestern coast of the island, the Careenage can be seen as a marina for sailors to enter or leave the inner dock located directly in front of Barbados Parliament buildings.

It is a Roman Catholic Church, located specifically in the city Bridgetown, in the Caribbean country of Barbados. It is one of the 2 cathedrals that exist in the island, nevertheless it is the only one of catholic cult. It was initially built in 1848, then burned in 1897, and a new one had to be erected, culminating in 1899 and consecrated in 1903. It is currently the headquarters of a Catholic training center.

Intresiting facts about Bridgetown

La Reina Park

It is a national park, located in the northeast of Bridgetown. It is home to one of the two existing baobab trees on the island, as the other is located in St Thomas. Around it you can find Crompton Roebuck streets and Roads Chambers and the Constitution. Inside there is a playground for children, a steel shed, a viewpoint, a fountain and a swimming pool, as well as gardens and a sports court. It also houses the Daphne Joseph Hackett Theater, which has been the center of multiple cultural events and the Parquet La Reina Gallery. Its maintenance is the responsibility of the National Commission for Nature (NCC).

Barbados Museum

Its headquarters is the former British military prison, which since 1933 has managed to gather pieces that demonstrate the culture, natural history and heritage of Barbados. This collection amounts to more than 500,000 objects, including various disciplines ranging from artifacts, eco-facts and even samples from Barbados and around the world.

Harrison’s Cave

It is a major tourist attraction on the island of Barbados, which can be entered via an underground tram. These caves were created naturally, by the action of water through the limestone, were forgotten for almost 200 years and rediscovered in 1976. They were opened to the public as a tourist attraction in 1981, and gave visitors the Possibility to admire the most fabulous characteristics of the country’s nature. At present, it is a site of obligatory stop for premises and visitors of the island.

Kensington Oval

Locally known as “Mecca of Cricket “, it is a stadium located on the west side of the city of Bridgetown – capital of Barbados. Refers to a wonderful sports facility on the island owned by Pickwick Cricket Club, which is primarily used for cricket sports matches ; However, it is also often used for soccer tournaments. It has been the cradle of innumerable and very exciting cricket tournaments, hosting local, regional and international meetings throughout its 120 year history.

Parliament House

It is made up of two buildings, located along the Constitution River in the city center of Bridgetown. In 2011 the two buildings were declared property of UNESCO, to be protected within the designation of the historic center of Bridgetown and its area of ​​Garrison, as a World Heritage Site.

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