Beirut : Capital City Of Lebanon

Capital City Of Lebanon:

Lebanon has been a country banned for tourism for many years, its political tensions and the civil war in which they were sunk have been the causes. It is currently one of the most emerging destinations in the Middle East. Its capital city Beirut has a splendid glamorous past, is a city that surprises the pleasantly large traveler boulevards full of boutiques and cafes, imposing skyscrapers, an active nightlife and cultural, turn it into a garden in the middle of an oasis.Beirut capital city of lebanon

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Lebanon’s political conflicts remain, but are increasingly under control. Beirut is an emerging tourist destination for Lebanese Arabs from the Persian Gulf and the number of European visitors is on the rise.

Beirut capital city of lebanon

What to see in Beirut:

The old town of Beirut still gives off a medieval scent, surrounded by mosques and churches, strolling through the transport to the more traditional east. The Place de I, Etile, is a placid of incredible beauty. The impressive Mosque of Mohammad al-Amin is the symbol of the city a clear example of the Ottoman temples, with more than 10,000 square meters is flanked by four minarets, at nightfall we will get the best panoramic of this wonder will appear before us fully lit , Is the most impressive image of Lebanon.

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Rauche’s seafront in Beirut, we find one of the most touristic spots in the country where the Rauche Rock is located, is a rock that emerges in the middle of the sea as a Gothic basilica of extraordinary nature. This seafront promenade is also the meeting point for the best Lebanese nightlife, pubs, cafes and nightclubs where to finish at the wee hours of the morning.

Beirut capital city of lebanon

The National Museum of Beirut is another essential, in which are collected the fragments of Lebanese history with more than 60 centuries of antiquity.

Must visit outside the city to Ouadi Qadisha or Qadisha Valley is a Lebanese valley declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Surrounded by unique Maronite Christian monasteries in the Middle East, in a place of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by incredible scenery.


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