Accra: Capital City of Ghana

Accra Capital City of Ghana

Capital of Ghana

The capital city of Ghana is Accra since its founding in the 17th century; Accra has grown into a buzzing capital city known for its rich Western-style buildings and friendly population. The sprawling city stretches nearly 25 kilometers to the east, and its modern city space is characterized by genteel leafy residences, gourmet restaurants, congested pavements and hip nightlife. The result is one of West Africa’s most exhilarating cities.

The capital city of Ghana is Accra one of West Africa’s most exhilarating cities.

Ghana, located in western Africa, is considered one of the largest powers in the continent; in fact the country has a strong presence in the African Union, which brings together 54 African states.  Its largest city and capital is Accra, a dynamic city, one of the safest in the continent, the administrative, communications and economic center of the country.

The city is in constant expansion, and constantly shows a mixture between high modern buildings, shacks and street markets.

Interesting Facts about Accra

Accra is one of the hottest cities in Africa, the city is not far from the Sahara desert, and at the same time is a coastal city, so its high degree of humidity combined with the heat coming from the desert cause in the city always has high temperatures. However the best time to visit the city is from November to April. Due to these conditions it is important to stay hydrated; throughout the city it is easy to get coconut and water in the bag.

Accra Capital City of Ghana

Its population stands out for the large number of ethnic groups that inhabit the capital, being one of the cities with greater diversity in the continent. Linked to this, Accra is also a multilingual city; the main language is English.  Ghana is also a commonly spoken language. From a young age children are able to speak three languages, and the elderly can easily speak, read and write up to four languages.

To move around the city, the most common transport are the three small vans that make the public transport function in the city, much cheaper than a taxi. They are agile, given the chaotic traffic of the city, so it is curious to see how the passengers go up and down along the route, barely allowing the vehicle to stop.

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Like all African capital, it counts on numerous enclaves of commerce, in Accra the commercial axis is organized around Makola Market. It is important to go to the market without things of value, everything that one passes through the mind can be found in this market.

The capital counts on several zones of coast. The most popular and popular beach is “Labadi Beach”, an ideal place to taste a good fish. This is a great option to escape the heat of the city.


The best preserved areas, with the best accommodations and residential areas are located between the east and north, towards the airport. Other points of the city recommended for a stroll are Oxford Street or the visit to the National Museum.

Oxford Street holds some of Accra’s finest restaurants, bars and other shops, a lush atmosphere in general, where luxury contrasts with trademark counterfeits.

The National Museum keeps in its interior interesting exhibitions on the culture of Ghana, as well as on its history and the slave trade. Access to the museum is allowed every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Accra Art Gallery

The Center for National Culture, known locally as the Arts Center, is a must-visit place for visitors who love to shop. The stretch of stalls sells arts and crafts from around the country, including authentic sacred stools featuring traditional Adinkra motif designs. The artwork adorning the stools represent the things Ghanaians value the most: God, community, strength, love and family.

Accra market

Foodies will also find much to love in Accra. The city is full of traditional restaurants serving up some of the country’s favorite dishes, including waakye, a mix of spicy rice and beans, fife, made of plantains, yams or cassava with a side of goat meat, and banku, a fermented corn dish served with okra or grilled tilapia fish. Wash it down with a beer from one of the city’s many expat bars.

At night, head to the beach to cool off on the palm-fringed sand under the glittering stars. There, DJs spin reggae music that mixes with the Atlantic’s rolling waves, and party-goers indulge in local beers and fried plantains spiked with cayenne pepper, salt and ginger. The atmosphere really represents the Ghanaian ideal of the easy life, and the friendly locals are almost always welcoming to visitors.

These are just some of the activities offered by the Ghanaian capital, and since the city is not a great place to start the visit to Ghana.

Accra Predominant Religion

69% Christian

16% Muslim

8% Traditional

6% None

1% Other

Of the Christian population most are Pentecostal while the remaining is split primarily between Protestant and Catholic.

Accra Currency

The Cedi is the official currency of Ghana.

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