10 Ways to Get a Cheap Haircut that Looks Expensive

Most people consider trips to the salon as a necessary expense to pamper themselves and improve their appearance. Such activities are often seen as investments as they help many to feel more confident about how they look and how they present themselves to others. It can get expensive, however, especially if you want to make absolutely sure that you look better after your appointment. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. As shown on this website, the price of a haircut can be as low as $15.

But did you know that you don’t really need to spend hundreds of dollars on a hair cut? There are quite lots of ways how to get an expensive-looking haircut without spending an arm and a leg for it. How? Here are a few tricks you should keep in mind:

Build a good relationship with your hairstylist


If you found a great hairstylist who knows how to take care of your hair and gets exactly what kind of look you want to get, it’s important that you build a good relationship with them. This isn’t so you can ask them for more discounts or favors, though, but so you can have a more mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Not a lot of people know that salons pocket about 60% of the money you pay for your haircuts. This is why some hairstylists are willing to take some side jobs and offer home services. Doing so will let them take home the entirety of their fees and you get charged less.

Opt for a simple hairstyle


While you’re still on the lookout for a hairstylist, going for less complicated hairstyles would be the best way for you to get the best results from cheap haircuts. If you intend to go to low-priced salon and you wish a complex style, you might end up disappointed with the results. This isn’t to say that it’s because the hairstylists there aren’t skilled but they might not be experienced well enough yet and they’re trying to make quick turn arounds to make more money.

Complicated styles take time and even if they want to try to replicate the look, hairstylists at low-priced salons just won’t have the luxury for that. So if you want a foolproof way to look the best from a cheap haircut, go for a simpler look instead.

Know exactly what you want


Another reason why expensive haircuts look better than cheaper ones is the fact that pricey hairstylists are better versed with what looks good on their clients. Their training helps them develop an eye for what suits their clients better so they can just execute that and you’ll be happy after.

More affordable hairstylists may not have the same training as the pricier ones so it will be better to know exactly what you want and need instead. Having such information will keep your tresses from being at the mercy of someone else. You get to have a say on how you’ll look and if you’re good at explaining and your hairstylist is reliable, then you can already great a fancy haircut without spending so much.

By knowing what you want, you’ll also save your hairstylist from the hassle of thinking up a look for you and they can just immediately get to cutting and styling your hair, letting them save time in the process. You can come into any salon franchise like Great Clips with this in mind and you can get a fantastic hairstyle that looks expensive.

Be a test model


This takes a bit of courage but if you’re willing to take the risk, you can be a test model for a beauty school, trade fair, and maybe even the latest offerings of your favorite salon and get a new hairstyle and some cash out of it. This may not exactly guarantee the best results but if you do your research and you’re willing to work closely with your hairstylist, you might still get the best results from it.

Follow your favorite salon


Lots of salons offer special deals and promotions from time to time and many of them might help you get more bang for your buck. This is why you should also make sure to follow your go-to salon’s social media as they tend to announce such promotions using those platforms. If you’re among the first to see the announcement, then you’ll have a better chance of getting the special offer.

Sign up for loyalty programs


If you already have a favorite hairstylist from a certain salon, signing up for their loyalty program will help you save money. Your regular appointments can be discounted or the number of services you got might just get you a free service.

Use coupons


Certain salons also offer coupons for discounts on their services. They can either give them away on their locations or on coupon sites. This might just be a bit tedious but if you’re serious about saving money, then you shouldn’t skip this step.

While your hair is your crowning glory, it doesn’t mean that you’re trapped in paying top dollar for its maintenance. With the right tricks, you can certainly make a cheap haircut look expensive.

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