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World Mental Health Day October 10

We are going to share today is what national day ? In 2004, World Mental Health Day focused on the relationship between mental health and physical health. Data available today indicate that people with mental illnesses, particularly those in institutions of World Mental Health Day, have higher mortality rates from cancer and heart disease than the general population.

World Mental Health Day October 10

There are interventions that reduce the physical and mental distress of individuals and the losses they cause to society. Yet, there is still a significant proportion of people with mental disorders who do not get the treatment they need. In the WHO European Region, it is estimated that 50% of depressed people and 20% of those with schizophrenia do not receive medical treatment.

World Mental Health Day October 10

“Without mental health and well-being, there is no real health”

It is in response to concerns raised in all countries about the heavy burden of mental disorders and the urgent need to improve the prevention and treatment policies of the WHO European Ministerial Conference on Mental Health.

This conference demonstrates the willingness of countries to learn from the many examples of good practice. They show that mental health can be promoted and mental morbidity can be effectively prevented or treated.

Meeting challenges, finding solutions

Establish comprehensive and effective health care systems, promote the mental health of the population, ensure that staff have the right capacities, and empower mental health service users and their families. States should adopt an action plan that would emphasize the fundamental importance of mental health for quality of life.

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Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations

“The theme of World Mental Health Day 2004, The Relationship Between Physical Health and Mental Health: Concurrent Physical Disorders and Mental Disorders, reflects the experience of many people.

Although, in our minds, the diseases remain distinct and separate, in reality, people are often victims of multiple ailments at the same time. Thus, many people suffer from both a mental illness and a physical illness. This concomitant is particularly tragic for certain population groups such as the elderly and the poor. Indeed, diseases tend to multiply and worsen with age or when living under difficult conditions. The global explosion of HIV / AIDS, the resurgence of killed diseases such as tuberculosis, and the emergence of new infections have highlighted the links between physical illness and depression.

Therefore, when treating a disease, the whole person must be examined in its entirety. For this, those who provide health care – mental and physical – have to combine their efforts in exercising their responsibilities and pooling their skills. On this World Mental Health Day, let us commit to a holistic approach and at the same time look after the body and mind. “

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