From Slots to Blackjack: Which Casino Games Burn the Most Calories?

Casino games can provide an exciting unique form of entertainment, allowing people to feel the thrill of winning while in the comfort of their own homes. However, many do not realize that playing some popular games of chance can not only make you richer with money but leaner in terms of health and fitness. That’s right—it is possible to burn more calories from playing certain casino games than walking or jogging on the treadmill.

So how exactly does this work? In simple terms, any type of physical activity has the potential to burn calories; this includes shifting cards around in one hand or spinning a roulette wheel with the other hand. Of course, aerobic activities such as running and swimming tend to burn more calories than sedentary pursuits such as gaming—however when it comes to casino gaming activities that require precision motor control and toned muscle movements can actually be quite beneficial for one’s health. Visit for more information on each game.

Slot Machines


In the lower-intensity category of casino gaming, slot machines can require as little effort as pushing a button or pulling a handle to spin the reels. While it may be less dynamic than other games, every calorie you burn counts, so don’t discount this simple activity. According to the Harvard Medical School, people weighing in gin at 200 pounds only burn 3 calories per minute when playing slot machines.



Roulette is one of the oldest, most beloved casino games. The game is not only fun to play, but it can also burn some calories if played casually. A person playing an hour of roulette at an average pace burns around 400 calories – the same as going for a brisk 30-minute walk!

Compared to other casino games like blackjack or poker, you’ll be standing the entire time playing roulette so your body will be constantly moving and burning more than if you were sitting while playing card games. So if you want to enjoy yourself while burning more calories, then roulette may be the game for you!



Blackjack is one of the most popular card games played in casinos around the world. Players compete against the dealer, attempting to get their hand as close to 21 without going over. For those who are able to master basic strategy, blackjack is an excellent way to burn calories due to the mental stimulation involved in decision-making.

A typical hour of blackjack can see a player burning between 80 and 100 calories, depending on how quickly or slowly they play. Blackjack requires intense concentration, which engages both your mental and physical muscles and can help you stay trim while you play. Some players have even reported feeling like they’ve spent an hour at the gym after playing a few hands!

It’s important to note that results may vary depending on individual physiology, skill level, table limits, bets placed, etc., but as an overall rule blackjack is a great way for active gamblers looking for some calorie-burning exercise in their gaming sessions.



Craps combines elements of strategy and luck, making it an engaging and stimulating game. Players place bets against other players or against the house. Unlike other table games like blackjack or slots, Craps is much more physically demanding since you have to stand for extended periods and often have to yell out bets and yell loudly during the game. Since you’re constantly moving around throwing dice or dealing cards, Craps can help you burn more calories than other casino games.

Video Poker


Video poker machines offer a variety of games with interesting rules, including jacks or better, deuces wild, bonus poker, and double bonus. You can even find multi-hand video poker machines that allow you to play several hands at once.

Though it may not seem like a physical activity at first glance, video poker can help you burn calories! By playing with a good strategy and keeping track of your cards and the house edge you’re able to keep your heart rate up as well as rack up calorie burn in the process–up to 1 calorie per minute for an average playing session. This number increases depending on how quickly you place your bets and how often you move between different games. Playing fast also increases your chances of winning big!

Other Card Games


Other card games are vital parts of the casino landscape. You may not realize it, but playing these games can burn a fair number of calories. Some of the most popular card games at casinos include poker, baccarat, pai gow, and punto banco. To really get your heart rate up, opt for a game like Spanish 21 or blackjack.

During a poker session, you’ll burn more calories than you would at lesser-skill-based casino table games. Burning approximately 150 calories per hour when playing Texas Hold ‘Em can be even higher in higher stake games where more active decision-making is involved in each hand dealt.

Baccarat is another exciting card game involving skill and strategy. Because baccarat tends to have less strategy involved than poker (but more than other table games), lighter rounds could see anywhere from 179 to 206 calories burned by players between ages 30-39 over an hour’s worth of play.


While there are many factors that affect the number of calories burned from playing different casino games, research has shown that blackjack is the casino game offering the greatest potential for calorie burn. On average, individuals may be able to burn up to 143 cal/hr playing blackjack compared to roughly 48 cal/hr for slot machines.

When making your selection in a casino, be aware of the number of calories burned both with and without physical activity. Blackjack requires mental agility, hand-eye coordination, and active concentration as compared to slots which involve little more than pushing a few buttons or pulling a lever. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that more intense casino games such as blackjack can offer individuals higher levels of exercise benefits and caloric burn than the simpler slot machines.

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