Where Can You See Celebrities In Toronto?

Life in big cities can (without any doubt) be very exciting. Not only do you have opportunities for good entertainment and nightlife – but sometimes you can also come across some of the celebrities. Big cities are certainly recognizable by that fact – so Toronto is not an exception from this rule either. This is especially pronounced during major film festivals such as TIFF. Then it can very easily happen that you see some of the famous movie or music stars on the streets of Toronto – but also in some places that are a favorite celebrities hotspots. Here are the places in Toronto they like to visit if you want to see them.

It’s Not Easy To Be A Celebrity

We all like to peek into the life of celebrities. Private life, luxury villas, and even more luxurious cars are what always entice us to enter their world. And what happens when they step out of their comfort zone and come among us, ordinary mortals? Then we can often see them on the streets of big cities like Toronto. Don’t be surprised if you meet them in one of the cafes, restaurants, or promenades in a completely ordinary, casual style. In fact, it often happens that tired of living a big-star-life, many of them want to live the lives of ordinary people – at least sometimes. Then you can often meet them in a cafe or restaurant enjoying with friends, or in nightclubs where they can freely enjoy the privacy of a booth – without much fear that curious paparazzi will disturb them (at least not too much).

Where Will You Meet Celebrities In Toronto?

Canada is among the favorite places of world movie and music stars. We don’t just think of those who are born Canadians like Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey, Kim Katral, or Brian Adams. Canada, and especially Ontario and Toronto, are the meeting place of many musicians and Hollywood stars – who are very happy to spend their time in this city. Many of them often decide to buy a house in Ontario. For example, actor Tom Hanks, director Steven Spielberg, as well as acting-directing couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn – found their second homes in Ontario. However, most of the celebrities gather and go out in Toronto, especially during various film or music festivals and events. Of course, like all other people – celebrities also like to go out, have fun or party. Here are some places in Toronto where you can see them.

  • Cabana Pool Bar


Summer in Toronto for celebrities can’t pass without enjoying the pool in a discreet company. Cabana Pool Bar offers just such relaxation. This luxuriously decorated place is a true paradise to enjoy – and a place where you can meet some celebrities. The place itself has a luxurious outdoor bar with a lounge, private cabins, great restaurants, and DJ performances. If you once imagined having a big pool party where you can see music and movie stars – then this is the right place. After all, you never know, maybe that’s where you meet Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul – and some other celebrities who make this place one of their favorites.

  • Lost & Found


This is a place where you are guaranteed to find celebrities for whom this is one of the favorite places in Toronto. According to, when you see limos or expensive cars stopping nearby – you can be sure that some of the biggest faces of show business and entertainment will probably be sitting next to you, sipping their drinks in a relaxed way. Among the celebrities who are regular guests there, you will see Justin Bieber, but also basketball player LeBron James.

  • Hotel Hazelton


This is already a legendary place in Yorkville, Toronto – which is considered to be one of the favorite places for movie and music stars. Most of the famous actors and musicians come to this place – and we can say that they are very satisfied – since they are coming back again. The list of stars you can see at the Hazelton Hotel also includes Jennifer Lopez, just like her former (current) partner Ben Affleck. Of course, this place was visited by other celebrities, such as Kate Hudson, Clive Owen, and of course – Justin Bieber. This place most definitely deserved the reputation of a favorite place of Hollywood stars when they are in Toronto.

  • Fairmont Royal York


And where the movie stars will stay during major film festivals – then in one of the most luxurious places in Toronto. Fairmont Royal York is a couple of minutes away from all the city attractions. It exudes elegance, luxury – and it is adorned with top service. So it’s no wonder that this is the place where you can meet stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, or Jennifer Aniston.

  • Sassafraz


Restaurants that offer you great food and excellent service are always on the list to visit. Of course, celebrities are no exception to this rule. One of the special places where you can see celebrities enjoying good food is Sassafraz. This place is situated in Yorkville, and famous visitors have been entertaining since the 1960s. However, in recent times, many famous actors like Bruce Willis, Meg Ryan, or Cuba Gooding Jr. like to come to this place. This place has become so IN since for decades it has managed to remain attractive to visitors and current because of its interior, great Canadian cuisine inspired by French tastes – but also because of the phenomenal service.


If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the celebrities or ask for an autograph or a photo – Toronto may be the right place for something like that. Although it is neither Hollywood nor Beverly Hills – many stars gladly visit this city, claiming to feel at home in it. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can meet them in places like hotels, clubs or restaurants, but sometimes, even on a simple walk around the city. This friendly city welcomes everyone, so it is not surprising that many celebrities have even decided to find their home here.

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