What Is the Cell Jammer and How to Use It

Smartphones are the main thing in human life. It is a communication system that helps everyone to be on the phone 24 hours. Modern models are powerful, and you can also use them as work instruments. It is impossible to do imaging work without the internet and gadgets. It is a valuable instrument and an excellent way to wiretap a phone conversation. It isn’t easy to understand that someone can hear you. The best way to solve this problem is to mount a cell jammer ( to protect the telephone from hearing. It is a compact system you can take with you or install in the right place. The blocker you can buy in the market.

How the device blocks the phone signal


A phone blocker is the jamming of a radio channel. It is used to prevent the transmission of alarms in wireless security systems. Jamming devices are called jamming generators or signal suppressors, popularly called jammers.

The block generators operate within a certain radius on the device’s frequency. The operation is to block cellular signals. If device frequencies and the jammer do not coincide – jamming does not affect the operation of the instrument. The block system can target both individual sensors and the security system.

It is interesting. As we know, such devices the thieves use. Jamming attempts are rare – up to 5 cases per year per 20,000 protected objects. It is because burglaries at alarmed facilities do not take more than 2 minutes. Jamming in such a case is inexpedient, as it only prolongs the process.

Types of block system


A jamming generator can “jam” a specific range or be broadband, sabotaging several security communication technologies. Some machines use 5 frequency bands: 2G/GSM (900/1800 MHz), 3G/UMTS (2100 MHz), and LTE (900/1800/2600 MHz, depending on region and operator) cellular networks, Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz), jeweler radio (868.0-868.6 MHz or 868.7-869.2 MHz, depending on the region). The type of system depends on device frequency.

The phone jammer can be:

  • Handheld or portable – has the size of a phone and relatively low power, which prevents data transfer at a distance of 5-15 meters.
  • Stationary – such devices are more powerful and more expensive. As the price increases, the range and the number of networks they can jam increases. The wider the bandwidth and the larger the jamming radius, the more influential the jamming generator must be. Powerful jammers are very hot, so they need additional cooling. Also, the lower the jamming frequency, the bigger the jammer generator antennas should be. All of this affects the device’s dimensions – the jamming range from 100 m (in open space). Jammers have impressive dimensions and need to force cooling and a 230 V power supply.
  • Homemade – as a rule, low-power jammers operate at a short distance. Expensive broadband amplifiers are required to increase jamming coverage, and building such equipment requires specialized skills.

Also, the block system can work with a GPS navigator. This appliance jammer is just a satellite signal. So it isn’t easy to find a car. There is a universal system to work with GPS, but it could jam the phone signal. It has several antennas to generate cellular network interference on a given frequency. There is the possibility of selective operation. You can choose the frequency as you need.

Choose the jammer in a proper way

That device protects information for commercial purposes, low and medium-power apply jammers. These instruments are enough to block small areas in the city lane. Also, it implements law enforcement agencies, gas station management, and explosives and ammunition depots. Buy a cellular jammer of high power and heavy-duty type, can only profile organizations, and then – only under the order that blocker.

The distance at which cellular jammers work varies. The range of operation depends on device power and the distance between the base station of mobile operators to the source of radiation of the telephone jammer. Typically, devices for cellular suppression are manufactured with a range of 2 to 50 meters.

Signal blockers make circular and directional action. The first ones work along a specific diameter near the device. The latter affects a particular place, emitting a signal in a strictly defined direction. Therefore, when choosing the jammer, consider the distribution radius and the range of directional impact of the signal.

Such devices are necessary for jamming the signal of a certain range of frequencies at a given radius under the condition of a constant power supply from the network 220 V. Another power supply option is a car cigarette lighter or other ways of electric current supply. Installation of the signal jammer is made indoors and is moved on rare occasions.

If you want to buy the blocker for Telephone, it would be better to choose the portable one. It is a small device. So it is easy to transport and will always be close at hand. Battery charging allows you to perform signal blocking when you are on the road or where there is no fixed power grid.

Portable devices have a small range of signal jamming, which allows you to ensure personal safety without affecting others. Another criterion in their favor – is low cost. All this expands the possibilities of application:

  • to block the signal at home so that children do not sit long on their phones;
  • to prevent information leaks;
  • in public transport, so that the driver is not distracted by loud conversations;
  • small devices block the signal of listening devices and GPS trackers.

In some cases, cellular jammers are used as protection during negotiations. The device can be used both individually and in systems of mass protection of conversations in office buildings.

All blockers are good in their way. It is a system that protects information from the third person.

All blockers are good in their way. It is a system that protects information from the third person. Also, it has simple controls. Some of them have remote controls. You can do any setting at a distance. And use the appliance for home, business meetings, or other.

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