How Video Technology Can Grow Your Company – Here Are Top 10 Ways in 2024

The 21st century can easily be called the age of video technology and is one of the most influential media of promotion today. The scalability of video technology is one of its biggest advantages and allows businesses of various types to easily modify the video format to their likeability and usage. Its engagement ability further bolsters this flexibility of videos. It is not surprising that most viewers today are hooked on videos as a popular cultural reference.

Therefore, video technology helps to even out the playing field between small companies and large corporations alike.

The benefits of video-based platforms re beneficial in the following ways –

1. Easy Demonstrations


The most obvious benefits of video advertising are felt in product marketing. For more details on video advertising, read the comprehensive guide on InVideo. The common mantra in marketing products is – show, don’t tell!. This can be easily explained with your feedback about seeing a product video or reading a lengthy article describing utility. In either case, it is essential to make the customer aware of the benefits and ways the product can be used. Only by viewing it can the understandability improve, and as a corollary, the interest in the product grows.

2. Customization of Content

In direct personal marketing, one of the most important and frequently targeted qualities is customization. You want to customize your content to add a personal touch while addressing your prospective customers. In this regard, video technology can come to your aid by helping you personalize your videos and address your clientele directly. Moreover, it also helps you optimize resources as you can recycle your content, albeit with customized tags and references to suit individual customers.

3. Enhanced Optimization


Most search engines, including Google, now share the popularity of video content. Google’s algorithm now creates an automatic preference for engaging videos as it deems them highly relevant. Therefore, if the video is tagged using the same keywords in the description as the search term, there is a high possibility of it featuring amongst the top listings. Furthermore, videos make for extremely SEO friendly content as it is possible to rank them relatively higher than other text or image-based content.

4. Share Your Success

One of the best ways in which brands can interact with their loyal customers is through videos. Videos give you the flexibility of interacting with your customers and cementing long-standing customer relationships. Through videos, you can share the success of your journey with your customers and also ensure that they are constantly interacting with you every step of the way. A brilliant example of this marketing gimmick is Apple events, where fans and customers can join in and see the launch program as an event.

5. Livestream Innovative Design and Features


Innovation is the modern-day equivalent of survival! Since the market is becoming increasingly competitive by the day, you can not rely merely on customers discovering interesting features by themselves. Live Streaming gives you the added flexibility of showcasing interesting designs, features, and also sharing interesting facts about the R&D process. The entire mechanism can easily accommodate your marketing strategy and also ensure that you are well placed to create the right environment for your customers to know everything.

6. Troubleshoot On The Go!

Troubleshooting problems is a major task in itself and takes an awful lot of time and resources by itself. This is why brands are now switching to the video method to ensure a personalized way to guide customers around problems they may face and help them fix issues on the go. This ensures a timely response and a much better and rather interactive way to let the customer solve the issues. The video technology also helps in securing the customer’s interest in the product and manages the after-sale services seamlessly.

7. Analytics For Strategic Efficiency


One of the best reasons for using video technology in promoting your business is that its operational efficiency is combined with its robust analytics. This way, the entire analytics data is used to ensure that you can easily plan and plan better. It also helps you to account for customer responses and shape your content to maximize engagement. It is also beneficial in designing, optimizing, and building efficient campaigns that target key areas of the customer response.

8. Embedding Videos

Gone are the days when content had to be typed or externally presented on the emailers and the websites. The best advantage of the video format is that it can easily be embedded and presented in the email body or the website organically. The best part about this is, when Google crawlers sense an embedded video, the rank of the site improves automatically. The same goes for video-based emails, which are more likely to warm up the customer’s response to the brand than any other email content which might end up in the spam folder.

9. Device Friendly


Another impressive way to target your customers is to optimize the video content to suit any device. These days, most people are watching videos on the go, and so customized content suitable for tablets and smartphones is the best way to advertise. This might pose a challenge with other formats, but with the video technology, it is a cakewalk!

10. Advertise Under Budget!

Another reason video-based advertising is becoming increasingly popular even amongst the resource-deficient small-scale enterprises is its affordability. You can advertise and promote your product easily and efficiently while still maintaining a tight purse string. This is perhaps the best-case scenario for videos that are also finding their way into the small, medium, and large scale enterprise usage without any significant costs or investment.

Wrapping Up!

Video marketing is an important facet of digital marketing campaigns these days. The many benefits of video marketing ensure that you can avail targeted and resource-efficient optimized solutions. It also ensures that you are able to reach all types of audiences and can foray into different prospective clientele without any need for segregation.

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