The Types of Gambling Options You May Find While Using a Website for Online Betting

Although gambling continues to be one of the most regulated industries globally, punters in some parts of the globe have access to different options. Land-based betting shops and brick-and-mortar casinos continue to be the places that people visit when they want to bet. However, these two options are not as popular as online betting.

The recent changes in some gambling laws around the world paved the way for numerous online bookmakers and casinos. Unlike their “real” counterparts, these options allow gamblers to access everything they offer while using a computer. What’s even more impressive is that most companies also provide high-quality mobile services in the form of apps and mobile sites.

One of the things that makes these sites so interesting is the options they offer. Although there might be some exceptions, most iGaming companies are home to a variety of betting options. That’s why this article will share some information about the most common gambling variations you will have access to.



Some casino games are more popular than others, so the first option on the list is poker. This game has millions of fans worldwide, so don’t be surprised that many online betting platforms allow their clients to use it. Even though poker is a complicated game, the expert gambling guidance can be found on and it will provide you with the needed tips and tricks to learn everything about it. What’s more, this site will give you access to exclusive reviews of online casinos and bookmakers where you can learn more about the poker client and online betting as a whole.

Since many online betting sites want to become better versions of their land-based counterparts, they provide a couple of poker options. Some websites often include video poker versions, which allow gamblers to play against a computer. Needless to say, most people making their first steps into the iGaming world choose these options.

Although video poker is fun, it is usually not in the same league when it comes down to live poker tables. Some of the best iGaming operators provide their users with several poker tables that allow them to play against other people. Even more impressive is that those sites also offer different poker tournaments.

While it is true that some companies provide everything mentioned above directly on your browser, most sites have stand-alone applications. These apps are different from the standard ones because they only focus on poker.



There are a couple of table games you will have access to if you decide to bet online, and one of them is roulette. Some people may disagree, but this is often regarded as one of the most popular options among online casino players.

Roulette also comes in several forms. Unlike poker, which usually doesn’t include that many variations, people who choose a reputable online casino can expect to find up to 50 or even more versions of this game.

The classic roulette option is located inside the “table games” section (every online casino has one). It allows people to play against the computer and make small bets. Once you learn how the game works and what to expect from it, you will see that the given iGaming site probably offers loads of live roulette options.

Similar to the poker variations, these games will let you play against other casino players in real-time. What’s even more impressive is that they will have a real croupier who will spin the ball and collect your bets. Some of the more advanced roulette games will even allow you to chat with the dealer while playing.

Punters who want to try something different can expect to find a variety of Roulette versions. One of the most popular ones includes a special ball and various effects that may affect multiple users’ winnings.



Despite not being as popular as roulette poker, and other table games, craps is also one of the preferred options for people who use online casinos. Consequently, Betenemy includes multiple reviews of iGaming websites where users can find several versions of this game.

Unlike other popular casino titles that have cards or balls, this one has dice. The idea here is to choose your lucky numbers, place a bet, and wait until the dice hit these numbers. Of course, some gamblers are not interested in the classic craps version, so they choose some of its more advanced alternatives.

Like roulette, many top-tier gambling companies include all sorts of options with extra numbers and additional effects. There are even promotions for those games that allow users to multiple their winnings.

Don’t forget that Craps is mostly popular in the U.S. Although this game has plenty of fans in Europe as well, the best craps versions are usually available to clients who use iGaming operators based in the States.



One of the casino games that is becoming more popular by the day is called snap, and it is usually available in most online casinos. Unlike craps, which is often considered a game of luck, snap is a game of skill because it consists of cards. The idea of this game is to be faster than your opponent once you notice that there are two cards from the same rank.

The classic snap version includes two players, but some online casinos offer variations where you can find up to four or even more players. Each one has a deck, and players have to flip a card and place it with its face up. Once that card matches a card on any other pile, a player has to use the word “snap” in order to receive a point.

To put it another way, the idea of this game is to test your reaction time. If you decide to play snap online, you have to make sure you won’t have any problems with your internet connection. Needless to say, everything that slows down your reaction time is not good and will prevent you from winning.

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