Tropical Orchid: National Flower of Kenya

Orchids represent the largest family of flowering plants with over 25,000 species and more than 100,000 varieties.

They are often grown as indoor plants or added to floral compositions. But not all orchids are tropical beauties. Wild orchids grow throughout the world and are found on every continent except Antarctica. These flowers are reputed to be difficult to grow, probably because they require filtered light and high relative humidity. Many varieties, such as the butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) are surprisingly easy to grow as indoor plants.

Meaning of the Orchid 

The ochirdée has been held in high esteem since ancient times. It symbolizes

  • love
  • The beauty
  • Fertility
  • Refinement
  • Delicacy
  • Charm

Tropical Orchid: National Flower of Kenya

National Flower of Kenya Significance

In Chinese medicine, the orchid is used as a medicinal plant to alleviate a cough and lung disease, treat kidneys, lungs and stomach deficiencies as well as eye diseases.

The fragrance of orchid flowers is used in the development of perfumes and beauty products.

The vanilla orchid pods are dried and used to flavor sweetened beverages and confectionery. It is a popular aroma in ice creams, soft drinks, and cakes.

Etymological Meaning of the Tropical Orchids

Orchids (Orchidaceous family) are named after the Greek word orchids, which means testis. Their fleshy tubers were thought to resemble testicles, as the Greek botanist Theophrastus at the time thought.

The phalaenopsis orchids, orchids knew butterflies, their name from a mistaken identity. When the Swedish naturalist Peter Osbeck saw them in his binoculars by visiting Java in the mid-1750s, he thought it was a group of butterflies. Although it took another 75 years for them to be officially baptized, the common name butterfly orchid continued.

Tropical Orchid: National Flower of Kenya

Symbolic of the orchid

The ancient Greeks thought that orchids were a symbol of manhood. In fact, they were so convinced of the relationship between orchids and fertility that they believed that the tuberous root orchids symbolized a male child, while the orchids with small tubercles symbolized a female child.

It is said that the Aztecs mixed the vanilla orchid with chocolate to create a delicious elixir that was supposed to improve energy and strength. The Victorians did not use the orchids as magic elixirs, but they picked them and exhibited them as a sign of luxury and as a means of showing their refined taste.

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Orchid Info

The plants and flowers of orchids vary in size and shape. Many of them grow in the understory of tropical forests and produce delicate flowers in a wide range of colors. While some are tiny plants a few centimeters tall only, others like the vanilla orchid are actually giant vines. The vanilla orchid is native to Central America where the Totonaco Indians cultivated it. According to an ancient Totonaco legend, the vanilla orchid was born from the blood of Princess Xanat when she and her lover were decapitated for disobeying the will of the princess’ father.

Although the Chinese cultivated orchids for more than 3,000 years, it was only around 1600 that European travelers brought back orchids from the Far East. In 1802 orchids were grown from seeds and in 1856 the first cultivated hybrid was created.

Meaning of the colors of the orchid | Flower of Kenya

Even though orchids symbolize love and beauty, the color of the orchid can change the flower’s primary meaning

  • Blue – Orchids exist in all colors except pure blue, but there are orchids with shades of blue. These orchids represent rarity.
  • Red – Red orchids symbolize passion and desire but they can also symbolize strength and courage.
  • Rose – Pink orchids symbolize grace, joy, and happiness and can also symbolize innocence and femininity.
  • White – White orchids represent deference and humility, innocence and purity, elegance and beauty.
  • Violet – Purple orchids symbolize admiration, respect, dignity, and royalty.
  • Yellow – Yellow orchids represent friendship, joy, and renewal.
  • Orange – Orange orchids symbolize enthusiasm, audacity, and pride.
  • Green – Green orchids are supposed to bring luck and blessing. They represent good health, good nature, and longevity.

Tropical Orchid: National Flower of Kenya


Here is the message of the Tropical Orchids

The message of the orchid is difficult to ignore. This exotic flower brings beauty and grace on any occasion with its flowers that seem to float in the air. They add an unusual atmosphere to bouquets of flowers, or can simply be used as a centerpiece on special occasions. And, as if that were not enough, orchids also offer the world the sweet taste of vanilla.

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