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Tallinn : The Capital City Of Estonia

capital city of Estonia

The capital city of Estonia is Tallinn which is gradually become one of the most interesting destinations to enjoy a weekend. The medieval city of Tallinn which is the capital city of Estonia is one of the best preserved in Europe, and the current offer of low cost flights from various points of the old continent, has placed it on the tourist map.

We enjoyed the capital of Estonia thanks to a trip we made to the Baltic countries, from Helsinki, Finland to Vilnius, Lithuania, and the truth is that the two days we enjoyed in Tallinn which is the capital city of Estonia were one of the most pleasant surprises in The whole trip.

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History About Tallinn

Although Tallinn which is the capital city of Estonia first appears on a map in 1154 under the name of Kaluria, it is from the beginning of the thirteenth century when it begins to be relatively important, especially given its geostrategic situation as a seaport between Russia and the Scandinavian peninsula. It is for this reason that the Kingdom of Denmark conquers Tallinn which is the capital city of Estonia and all of northern Estonia at the Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219. Domination is of little use to the Danes, who soon lose their seats in favor of the Germans.

capital city of Estonia

Capital City Of Estonia

In 1248, Tallinn which is the capital city of Estonia became a member of the Hanseatic League, a federation of merchant cities, which originated in northern Germany (cities such as Lubeck or Hamburg were dominating), but which included such diverse places as Bergen in Norway, Gdansk , In Poland, or Riga, in Latvia. Tallinn belonged to the Hanseatic League until 1865, which meant a great economic growth, since it was a port of vital importance to connect the west of the federation (Germany, basically, with the most eastern end (the Russian city of Novgorov , mainly).

Tallinn remained until the early 1990s as the capital of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. But with the economic opening of the USSR and later, with the disintegration of the whole socialist bloc of Eastern Europe, Estonia, like the other Baltic republics, achieves its independence, until now definitive. It was August 20, 1991

Interesting Facts About Tallinn

Town Hall Square

The old or medieval town of Tallinn is known as Vanalinn and is formed by a good number of streets and squares, many of them pedestrian, surrounded by a monumental wall.

The alleys, narrow, cobbled, filled with small craft shops or beautiful restaurants usually converge in some square where some of the most beautiful churches of the city are located, or in the Town Hall Square , which is the most monumental, and in fact , One of the most beautiful in Europe.

Old pharmacy

Another of the buildings that stand out in the square is the old pharmacy , which dates from 1422 and seems to be the oldest in Europe. This also told us when we visited one in the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, so that it is true or not that it is the oldest, yes at least it is one of the oldest ones that have remained continuously in operation.

There are several alleys that open from the Town Hall Square. One of them is Sajakang Alley, right next to the pharmacy, which leads to the Church of the Holy Spirit , where a beautiful clock of the seventeenth century stands out.

San Olaf

Before arriving in San Olaf, you have to stop to enjoy the facade of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads , at number 26 Pikk Street. It seems that this association, which emerged in 1399 was reserved for unmarried German traders. The façade shows a beautiful Gothic building, with a cover really worked.

Now, we arrive at San Olaf , a church of the thirteenth century, which when it was built, with its 123 meters of the bell tower (they say originally, rose to 154 meters), was the tallest building in Europe. Of course, on payment, you can climb to the top of the belfry and enjoy the beautiful views of the entire old city. That yes, you have to be prepared to climb the steep spiral staircase. The prize, however, makes up for the effort.

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