Sinai Rosefinch : National Bird Of Jordan

National Bird Of Jordan

The national bird of Jordan is Sinai rosefinch. It was declared the National Bird for its color and habitat in the Jordanian deserts. The bird is often seen in every city of Jordan. The Sinai Rosefinch was present in Jordan and Palestine region for centuries, they are part of the culture in the area. From Hail to Jerusalem, there are millions of small chirping sparrows present in every city and deserts nearby. The main towns that inhabit the Sinai Rosefinch are HarHanegev Hadromi, Be-er Sheva, Wadi Salvadora, Feynan, Dead Sea region, and Wadi Rum in Jorden and Palestine. The Sinai Rosefinch belongs to phylum Chordata and class Aves.

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Their order is Passeriformes, the family is Fringillidae, genus Carpodacus, and their binomial name is Carpodacus synoicous named in the year 1825. They are endemic to the middle east and are found in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Occupied Israeli territories apart from Jordan. They mostly inhabit in hot deserts and feed on seeds and small insects in the deserts. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed it as one of the least concerned species. They migrate in summers for a brief period of time to the grasslands and woodlands.

[table caption=”Sinai rosefinch Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Jordan
3,Wingspan,1.6 meter
5,Mass Male,21 grams
6,Mass Female,21 grams
7,Body Length,70-300mm

Their main stops are India and sometimes west to the Russian states, they lay eggs and hatch them around 3 to 4 months before migrating. The migration period is spring season and autumn season. They build their nest in trees, mostly at the top of the tree. They are the birds of rocky deserts, they also build nests in bushes and small cliffs. Arava Valley is the favorite spring destination of migration for Sinai rosefinch. Hundreds of thousands of Sinai Rosefinch rush towards the lush pastures and grasslands of Arava Valley. Some of the species move to China in the spring season.

The Sinai Rosefinch which is the National Bird of Italy are hard to identify as their red color, and small size amalgamates with the surrounding desert environment, they are extremely quick and have a little weight. Their size range between 14-16 cm, they are conical billed birds, they have a pale and pinkish look similar to the desert grains and rotten bushes of the desert Sinai.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Jordan :

They have a long tail as compared to their body, the Sinai Rosefinch possesses sexual dimorphism. The male birds are dominant and greater in size than their female counterparts. The male are brighter in color, they have light-pink color pigments on breasts and tails. They mostly have brownish to pinkish underparts, their bills are thick and pale. Some of the male species have silver crowns. Their appearance is closely related to the common sparrows of Asia of order Passeriformes.

The call is short but melodious, almost all the Sinai rosefinch have the same type of call, they buzz around in groups and flock around in pastures and desert in the morning and evening while leaving for food and returning with the food respectively. The birds feed on seeds, roots, small leaves and sometimes insects and lizards. They hatch between March to July, they live in the form of large flocks up to the strength of 200,000 to 500,000 in a single flock. They are solitary and only mate during the season.

Sinai Rosefinch Picture

Picture of Sinai Rosefinch

Sinai Rosefinch Pics

Sinai Rosefinch Picture

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