Red-crowned Crane: The National Bird of China

National Bird of China

The national bird of China is Red-crowned Crane. This is an endangered bird. I like this graceful bird, An increase of adult cranes and crown are covered with a red leather.

It is also known as the Japanese crane in Japan, while in the north-east of the Manchuria people recognize as crowned cranes. People in Japan thought that this bird had disappeared in the 20th century, but it was not true at all. They are still there in Japan, especially on Hokkaido Island. There are more than 2,000 cranes in Manchuria have existed all over the world and half of them are from Japan.

The national bird of China

This rare majestic bird lives mainly in marshes and wetlands. However, reducing the number of wetlands and wetlands warn one day this beautiful crane is going to be abolished forever. It’s time to create awareness and as a human being, I think we have to save. Saving national bird of china (red crown crane) is a major problem for me and that is why I decided to write this goal. I hope to be able to save at least a couple of red crown cranes to raise awareness through this article.

National Bird of China

Interesting Facts about China National Bird

Red-crowned Crane is a water bird. I like to see waterfowl when swimming in the river. You do not like? You can find the migratory Red-crowned and non-migratory crane, in East Asia. There are mainly two breeding populations have existed, are:

  1. A) Mainland (China, Korea, Russia) – Migratory
  2. B) Hokkaido (Japan) – Non-Migratory

In Japan, they are seen only on an island called Hokkaido. This is the right place for them. They like the temperature of Hokkaido. These cranes are non-migratory cranes; Live there all year round. While on the other hand, this type of crane is located in northeastern China, the Korean peninsula, south-eastern Russia, Mongolia and also, but all of them are migratory. I see that many migratory birds arrive in winter and try to protect them from hunters.

They obviously like the cold. There are only three species of cranes that have primary feathers white and red crane-sung is one of them. To be able to prefer deeper water and grass. During the winter there is food in coastal salt marshes, freshwater marshes, paddy fields, and farmland. I prefer marshes, marshes, reed beds and wet meadows where they build their nests. Research shows that only for the agricultural development of a large amount of habitat has been lost so far.

[table caption=”Red-crowned Crane Features” width=”500″]
No., Features, Measures,
1,National Bird,China
2, Family, Crane
3, Wingspan,220–250 cm
4, Phylum, Chordate
5, Mass Male, 4.8 to 10.5 kg.
6, Mass Female, 4.8 to 10.5 kg.
7,Body Length,101.2–150 cm.

Do you know Gray Jay is the national bird of Canada?

Food habit

We like to have rice and fish and make different dishes with them. They are crowned cranes novel as well as having rice and fish. These cranes feed on a variety of aquatic invertebrates and small vertebrates. This species is not a Herbivore. Apart from this, there are other foods that they love to eat, such as:

1) Earthworms

2) The small crabs

3) Insects

4) Plant Seeds

5) Calli

6) Reeds

7) Rodents and so on.

I would like to inform you that there are some artificial feeding stations located in Hokkaido, where locals feed the crowned cranes in the winter season. If you are going to Hokkaido, do not forget to see this crane and feed them a lot, you will find peace if you do.

Life and Behavior

I wish I could have a pair of wings, just like so I could fly a red-crowned crane. Red-crowned Crane is pretty birds. They are beautiful with bare red skin on the head. And “as if they all have crowns.” During the breeding season, the red skin becomes much brighter. I did not know this until I found a book.

Have a normal lifestyle, not angry birds like eagles. In Japan, they are not migratory birds, but in China, Korea and Siberia (Russia) are seen as a species of migratory birds. Their food habit varies from time to time as they move from place to place. As far as I know, they eat small crabs, small fish, and earthworms during the fall season in South Korea, but during the winter season usually find food from the rice fields.

Each animal tries to defend its nesting territory so coupled parts of crowned cranes also follow this rule. Not just the animals, but they do the same too. Their chicks look very cute and stay with their parents until they become mature enough and find food for themselves.

And what if I tell you an important unusual animal of the red-crowned crane? Red-crowned Crane Male and female live together as a couple until one dies. Do not you think it’s only for animal species? I hear the divorce rate in the US Is very high, I think we must learn from the red-crowned crane. If a red-sang crane could be alone with partner forever for life so why cannot we! Of course, I could do.

An adult female races red-crowned crane in many places, such as swamps, sedge aquaculture ponds, wetlands, grass, reeds, and wet grasslands. Their life expectancy is unknown to me, but I know there is a half-life that is 20 to 40 years. Wow this creature to live for so long! It’s great.

China Research About Cranes

Learning has no end! Reading the wildlife in the book is really great where we know all the facts unknown to many birds and animals.


This section will focus on the main threats of the red-crowned crane. Their places of life are diminishing day by day and that is why they are now in danger. On the other hand, our population is growing rapidly. I believe that one of the main threats to the decline of wetlands is increasing the number of farmland. You do not believe it? We need food; every year our farmers grow large quantities of rice and other crops to meet our food demand. To meet our demand for food that is destroying crane-weed areas, “I mean wetlands and marshes.” Now people are turning to swamps in a paddy field or farmland.

There are other very important factors that are destroying our national bird of China, these are deforestation, channeling of rivers, road construction, dams, buildings, and for year-round collection systems. All of us are doing this to have a better life, but we never think that some animals are the real victim of all this? Wetlands are becoming drier due to global warming. These wetlands are being raised more and more poisoned by grains treated with pesticides. Networks have been destroyed by fires in Russia and China.

There are hunters who like to hunt birds. You bird hunting? Are you one of them hunting birds? I have never tried to harm a bird in my life. I do not like it and when I see that someone is going to hunt birds I resist them. In the early 20th century in Japan, many hunters used to hunt this beautiful crane. Humans are not only predators of this elegant bird, but also others, such as carnivorous animals, raven, wolfs, dogs, crows, snakes that feed on their nest eggs. In fact, we (the humans) are the main criminal, not the environment. We can change our planet and make a beautiful world where every living being can live happily and in peace.

Chinese National Bird Picture

Red-crowned Crane Picture

Red-crowned Crane Picture

picture of Red-crowned Crane

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