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Ngerulmud : Capital City of Palau

Capital City of Palau:

Ngerulmud the government instead of the Republic of Palau, an island nation in the Pacific. It replaced Koror, the largest city of Palau, as the capital in 2006. The settlement is in the state of Melekeok on Babeldaob, the largest island, located 20 km northeast of Koror and 2 km northwest of the town of Melekeok .  It is the world’s least populated capital of a sovereign state.

Ngerulmud Capital City of Palau

Interesting Facts about Ngerulmud: 

The ancient capital of Palau is temporarily in Koror. Constitution of the country, ratified in 1979, directed the National Congress of Palau to establish a permanent capital of Babeldaob within ten years after the effective date Constitution. The new capital planning began in 1986 when a contract for the construction of the Capitol complex was awarded an architectural studio based in Hawaii, Hawaii Architects Ltd (AHL), which had previously designed the capitol complex in Micronesia Located in Palikir. Progress was slow because Palau lacked engineers and architects, and most building materials have to be imported.

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Ngerulmud Capital City of Palau

More work did not begin until the 2000s, when Palau obtained a $ 20 million loan from Taiwan as part of its efforts to improve relations between the two countries and ensure the diplomatic recognition of Palau of Taiwan. With separate buildings for the Olbiil Kelulau era (legislature of the country) and also the legislative and executive branches are connected through an open central square, the complex cost of more than $ 45 million. And it was officially inaugurated on October 7, 2006 with more than 5,000 people present. Government officials moved their offices from Koror to Ngerulmud shortly afterwards.

A 2013 piece in the Wall Street Journal reported that the Capitol Building, which was “not fit for the local climate,” had put Palau out of debt, and a flaw in the ventilation system had recently caused støvinfestation. Post office in April 2013 was Ngerulmuds permanently closed as part of the cost-saving measures implemented by the postmaster Tommy Sinsak. It was established in December 2011 after an Olibile era Kelulau Resolution, and was one of only two in the country (the other is in Koror). During the 16-month operation cost had exceeded US $ 30,000, while revenues from stamps mainly were below $ 2000. Ngerulmud is the only settlement in Palau, which has its own postal code (96939), With the rest of the country using 96940 – United States Postal Services Palau as part of the Free Association Agreement with the United States.

In July 2014 hosted Ngerulmud the official opening of the Forum of the Pacific Islands 45th. Most Forum events, however, took place in Koror, where the withdrawal of the leader in Peleliu State was carried out. In February 2016, Ngerulmud hosted the presidential summit of Micronesia 16a, attended by Presidents Palau, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.

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