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National Noodle Day October 6

National Noodle Day October 6

We are going to share today is what national day ? Can you believe that pasta has been there for over 4000 years? Noodles are popular all over the world and vary in the form of flat, round, twisted, leafy, tubular and much more. They can be made from rice, wheat, wheat, with or without eggs and even biscuits. So be ready to celebrate the National Noodle Party on October 6th by doing the best with noodles … Eat!

National Noodle Day October 6
Why we love the day with national noodles

A. Each culture has its own tradition of noodles

Every region in the world has its own traditions and history of noodles. In Italy, China, Vietnam, they have all the different techniques and ingredients to make their traditional noodles.

B. Noodles can be healthy

Whether you are health conscious or a low carb or gluten-free diet, there are still tons of noodles out there! People who are so noodles are now made of things like black beans, mung beans, quinoa, shikitaki, algae and even zucchini. Do not stop! You can still enjoy the fun of the National Noodle Day.

C. Noodles are fun

Eating noodles is fun when eating with a spoon, fork, chopsticks or mashed like in “Lady and the Tramp”, a date with noodles can be an explosion with friends or sell. Invite your friends to make a noodle paste anywhere they can have noodles.

How to celebrate the day of national noodles

1. Try to make your own noodles
Making noodles is not as hard as it sounds. Water, flour, salt and an egg are all you need … under the dough, flat and then “jelly” and cut into strips. Get it now!

2. Go to noodles
As a much simpler alternative to your own pasta or pasta, try this new restaurant that serves pasta. Look for noodles on Yelp and find out where your noodle, whether it’s Italian, Korean, Chinese, American or Japanese, the choices are endless.

3. Take a noodle that makes the class
Look for your local cookery school and register for the pasta class. You will learn a lot of pasta and noodles, so you can get spaghetti from the ears

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