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National Name Your Car Day October 2

Many of you probably remember Herbie the Love Bug, Cars’ Lightning McQueen, Knight Rider Kit, General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey Bandit and Bandit. These are just a few of the famous car names that are known for millions of people.

National Name Your Car Day October 2

National Name Your Car Day October 2

Do it one day. Take the jalopie ol for a walk, a good wash and the brilliant, so you might want to choose a company for such a reliable one. After all, you spend the whole time together and you care so well, is not it time to give these four wheels a name?

Unfortunately, many people do not think of naming their cars. Name Your Picture Tag was specially reserved for those of you who may have forgotten this little ritual.

It’s very common for people to name their boats so why do some people forget to name their car? Let’s go, our cars do a lot for us and many of us will be lost without them so why not take time to think of a good name for your companion.

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