National Flag of Qatar and Flag History

national flag of Qatar

Qatar National Flag

The national flag of Qatar was officially adopted on the 9 of July of 1971. The flag is mostly purple with a wide toothed white stripe.

national flag of Qatar

Qatar Flag Meaning

On the national flag of Qatar the white color on the left side as it is very normal symbolizes peace, in contrast to its purple right side which symbolizes the blood spilled in the wars of its territory in the nineteenth century, the 9 points jagged in The crossing of colors symbolize that Qatar was the number 9 state to enter the Emirates.

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Qatar Flag History

The initial national flag of Qatar was red, decorated with a series of diamonds and with the name of the country inscribed on it in white. Initially and up to 1860 the flag had simply been red to which a white bite was added. Between 1916 the flag happened to be of white color but the truth is that soon it would be replaced by the previous one, to which it was being added different elements. Apparently the reasons for the color change are due to the exposure of the same to the Sun that darkened the color so it finally led to directly change the color of the flag towards the current garnet.


The flag of Qatar was adopted on July 9, 1971. Earlier Qatar had a similar flag but resembled the flag of the neighboring country of Bahrain. The flag is purple with a wide toothed white stripe. The purple color of the flag came when a red tone was used to make the flag. When the flag stayed in the sun changed to a purple color that was believed to be a better color. The white of the flag represents peace, and purple symbolizes the bloodshed of those in the numerous wars that Qatar faced in the second half of the 19th century. The nine peaks of the jagged line indicate that Qatar is the ninth member of The “Emirates Reconciled” of the Persian Gulf.

Qatar Flag Pictures

Qatar Flag Pictures

Map of Qatar

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