National Flag of North Korea and Flag History

North Korea Flag

North Korea National Flag

The national flag of the North Korea consists of a red central panel, bordered above and below by a narrow white stripe and a broad blue stripe. The red center panel has a red five-pointed star inside a white circle near the flagpole.

national flag of north korea

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North Korea Flag Meaning

The national flag of North Korea is composed of five horizontal stripes of color: blue, white, red, white and blue.

  • The red star symbolizes the glorious revolutionary traditions inherited by the Republic.
  • The red panel symbolizes the noble patriotic spirit of the revolutionary precursors and the fighting spirit of the Korean people.
  • The narrow white stripes represent the homogeneous Korean nation with a long history and resplendent culture.
  • The broad blue stripes symbolize the desire to fight for the victory of the ideals of independence, peace and friendship in unity with the progressive peoples of the world.

North Korea Flag History

The national Flag of the North Korea has the design of a hydroelectric power station, symbolizing a modern independent industry and the working class, the ruling class, under the Mount. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution, and the radiant light of a red five-pointed star, with ears of rice forming an oval frame, tied with a red ribbon inscribed “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

There are other representative flags in North Korea shown below:

Flag of the Korean Workers Party

A hammer and sickle (used in communist countries to represent the industrial class and the peasant class) and a traditional Korean calligraphy brush to represent the intellectual class can be seen on the flag of the ruling North Korean party. When the North Korean government flag is hung vertically the emblem is in the center of the flag while when it hangs horizontally it is left in the upper left.

Flag of the Armed Forces of North Korea

The flag of the Korean armed forces is similar to the national flag with the red star surrounded by a golden circle of leaves. 4.25 numbers represent the date of the founding of the North Korean armed forces, 25 of April of (1948).

North Korea Armed Flag PIC

Three horizontal, blue stripes the separated exteriors of the red wide strip by two white bars. To the left of the red strip is a white circle with a red star inside it.

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North Korea Flag



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