National Flag of Mongolia and Flag History

National Flag of Mongolia

Mongolia National Flag

The national flag of Mongolia is composed of three equal stripes red, blue and red, with the Soyombo national symbol centering the first yellow band and was adopted on February 12, 1992, after the transition from Mongolia to A democracy.

National Flag of Mongolia

The Mongolian national flag, which was adopted in 1992, consists of three vertical stripes, where the middle one is blue and the other two are red. In the red strip on the left, a yellow ideogram is placed called Sojombo, which is connected with the ancient symbolism that results from the Buddhist traditions. The upper part of the symbol consists of three flames, which should refer to the past, present and future. The moon and the sun are symbols representing the idea of ​​the world and eternity. Another symbol included in Sojombo is yin and yang – a traditional Buddhist symbol of the harmony of opposites, which is played by two endless fish leaving behind.

The two rectangles on the sides of sojombo represent a wall, which according to the word of Mongolia represent a friendship that is stronger than any stone wall.

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Mongolia Flag History

The Mongolian national flag was adopted on February 12, 1992, after the transition from Mongolia to a democracy. It is composed of three equal stripes, alternating red, blue and red, with the Soyombo national symbol centering the first band in yellow. The blue band represents the eternal blue sky, while the red sidebands represent Mongolia’s ability to thrive in its hostile environment.

The symbol Soyombo or Swayambhu in Sanskrit has appeared on the national flag of Mongolia since 1911. It served as coat of arms of Mongolia from 1924 to 1940, and was included in the design again in 1992. It has served as a symbol of independence of Mongolia since then.

The origin of Soyombonos leads to Zanabazar, a great Mongolian, religious leader, architect and master of Buddhist art during the seventeenth century. He invented Soyombo script

Mongolia Flag Meaning

  • The three tongues of the flame on the crest symbolize the glories of past, present and future.
  • The sun and the moon represent the heavens. The Mongols have always adored the blue sky, the sun and the moon.
  • The triangle below symbolizes a family, a father, mother and child: the home of a Nation.
  • The quadrilateral under triangle symbolizes the four compass points of the compass.
  • The yin-yang, represented in the center, symbolizes the mutual complement of man and woman.
  • The lower triangle represents heaven, earth and water: the kingdoms of all living creatures.
  • The two vertical quadrilaterals, confining both faces, are the pillars of the state.

Mongolia Flag Pictures

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