National Flag of Grenada and Flag History

Grenada National Flag

Grenada National Flag

Grenada National Flag

Grenada is an Island state, it consists of six islands in the Caribbean. Grenada is also known as the ‘Island of Spice’, it has a total area of 133 square miles with a total population of 100,00 people. St. George is the capital island of the state. It was colonized by the Europeans, Columbus visited in later 1500s, it was initially a part of Spanish territory and then colonized by French in 1600s for a century, then ruled by the British from 1763. For a brief time period, it was part of the West Indies and then approved full independence in 1967. The national flag of Grenada was changed four times under different rules and governments.

Grenada Flag History

After Grenada gained full independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974. The designer of the national flag of Grenada was Anthony C. George, the default ratio of the flag was taken 3:5. The design comprised a red-colored rectangle with thick boundaries. There are six five-pointed stars of the red-colored borders, three are at the top and the other three at the bottom. The inner triangle has another five-pointed star at the center and four further triangles in the inner rectangle, two are gold in color, and the other ones are green. The star at the center position that is golden colored is enclosed in a red circle.

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Grenada Flag Meaning

The six stars at top and bottom of the flag depict six islands of the country while the middle star represents Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The leaf at the hoisting side shows the clove of nutmeg, the primary crop, and food of export of the country. The red pigment symbolizes the courage and bravery of the people of Grenada, gold is for wealth and wisdom of Grenadian people. The green color is for the main crops and agricultural representation of the state.

Grenada Flag Pictures

Grenada Flag Pictures

Grenada Flag Pic

Map of Grenada

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