National Flag of Eritrea and Flag History

National Flag of Eritrea

The national flag of Eritrea is formed by a red triangle that begins its base in the left side, occupying all the height of the flag and finishing in the right side. In national flag of Eritrea there is a triangle and it is a crown made of three olive branches. In the left-hand side we find the green color in the background and the blue color in the lower one.

National Flag of Eritrea

Eritrea Flag Meaning and History

In the national flag of Eritrea the green color represents the agriculture and livestock economy of Eritrea, the red symbolizes the blood spilled during the struggle for independence, the blue color symbolizes the marine richness and yellows the mineral wealth of Eritrea. The olive crown is adopted from the first national flag of Eritrea that was used between 1952 and 1961, the crown was adopted of the flag of the United Nations that symbolizes the peace.

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