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National Cheese Day March 27

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  World Cheese Day is an opportunity for France and many European countries to highlight the products of their terriers. Envied by the whole world the French cheeses have a quality and a diversity almost unequaled around the world. Yet, like other European countries, France sees its heritage threatened because of the appearance of increasingly strict rules on manufacturing and even push some cheeses to disappear (such as mountain cheeses for example) .

National Cheese Day March 27

National Cheese Day March 27

We will not make a cheese!

Many cheeses are from small companies and are produced under protected designation of origin (PDO), a production in France of nearly 1,500,000 tons, including 200,000 tons of raw milk cheese.

Rare sector constantly growing (increase in cheese consumption per capita of more than 30% in recent years), the cheese industry is constantly at the forefront of progress. The creation of new products is a good indicator of the liveliness of the sector even if the preference of the true amateurs goes always to the cheeses of soils!

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