Moroni : The Capital City Of Comoros

capital city of Comoros

The capital city of Comoros is Moroni . Moroni became capital of Comoros only in 1962 , when the country was still a French colony. In 2003, its inhabitants totaled around 60,200. When the country became independent in 1975 , it acquired the title of Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros. In this city is the embassy of the UN , the one of France and the one of China.

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Capital City Of Comoros

Moroni which is the capital city of Comoros is on the west coast of the island of Gran Comoran and has an airport (Moroni Hahaya International Airport). It also has a port that offers transport to the African continent and other islands of the archipelago, like Madagascar .

The word “Moroni (capital city of Comoros)” comes from “Oundroni”, which means welfare, happiness. Its municipal head, Badjanani , arises from the Arabic words “Bab” and “Djannat” meaning doors and paradise respectively, which translates as: the door of paradise .

capital city of Comoros

History About Moroni

The first settlers of the islands were Bantu originating in the African continent, to which the Arabs joined in the 8th century and the Malagasy. Asian immigrants later came to form the ethnic mix of the present population. The French colonized the islands from the early nineteenth century , constituting a protectorate in 1886 and unifying it as a colony to Madagascar in 1914 . Later to the internal autonomy, of 1961 , reached the independence in 1974 , after a referendum in which the population bounced mostly by the separation of France , With the exception of the island of Mayotte , which continued to be linked to the metropolis. The first elected leader was Ahmed Abdallah , overthrown in a few weeks by Ali Soilih , and again taken to power in 1978 following a coup with the support of European mercenaries. Abdallah established a single-party Islamic regime that lasted until his death in 1989 , following another coup d’état where the French military took part. The following year there were free elections in which the winner was Said Mohamed Djohar , and in 1992 the new Constitution was approved. In recent years there has been political instability,


The Comoros Islands are a volcanic archipelago and of rugged orography (2,361 m the volcano Karthala ) in all its territory. The plains appear at the bottom of the valleys and on the coast, where marsh areas abound.


Moroni which is the capital city of Comoros is located on the west coast of Gran Comore Island , now better known as Nyaziya .

Natural environment

The flora is varied and abundant as corresponds to the tropical environment in which the archipelago is located . In the interior the forests are predominant , of great thickness , and in the coast the vegetation is typical of marshy zones. In its surroundings it emphasizes the presence of the volcano Karthala , that erupted last time in 1977 .


The climate of Moroni is tropical, with high temperatures and regularly distributed throughout the year, and with very abundant rainfall, superior to 1,500 mm annually and even to 2,500 mm in some zones


Moroni has a population of approximately 63,700, predominantly Malagasy, mestizos and descendants of Arabs and Asians who arrived in these islands from the 15th century .

Economic development

The economy of the city depends mainly on agriculture , fishing , hunting and forestry . Moroni is the most important agricultural market in the country. The products that have the highest production are: coffee , vanilla and coconut . When rice are most imports.

Tourist Attractions

Tourism has not had a great development in this region due to the internal problems that exist and that generate great political instability. In addition to competition that make the Reunion Islands , Mauritius and Seychelles . The main attractions that it counts are: the beaches, the submarine fishing and the landscape of mountains. Its coast can be traversed on board the Galawa , a boat that offers the possibility of surrounding the island by the water.

Interesting Facts About Moroni

The Great Mosque of Moroni

Grand Mosque : It was inaugurated in 1998 and financed by the emir of Sharjah . The tombs of Islamic saints and men considered founders of the tariqa are regularly visited on religious occasions. It is located next to the beach.

Port : It is the main port of the country. To this place arrive the loads fundamentally of Mombasa and the Reunion islands , since its infrastructure is not of very good quality.


Moroni has a university, in addition also it is possible to accede to the average education in which there is availability in the training of teachers, agricultural education, health sciences and business. Those who want university studies, must do it abroad. Teacher training and other specialized courses are available at the M’Vouni School for Higher Education , which has been in operation since 1981 in the vicinity of Moroni.


In the streets of Moroni you can still see the intense Arab influence of the first settlers. Its architecture is a clear example of the Arab and French influence and can be seen in its buildings. Another example of this fusion is his music and his dance. One of the most popular cultural activities is the dance performances typical of its inhabitants.


The majority of the population is Sunni Muslim with 98%, followed in this order by Roman Catholics with 0.5%, Protestants with 0.25%, Evangelicals with 0.1% and a Hindu minority. The religious centers of the city are: the Great Mosque of Moroni inaugurated in 1998 . In addition, there is a Roman Catholic church and a Protestant.

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