Is It Cheaper to Print Your Own Business Cards

When you establish your presence in the market and want to connect to clients in a structured and professional manner, business cards come in handy. These compact card pieces can hold relevant information regarding your business name, contact details, email and describe what the company stands for so that the next time a customer wants to purchase products or services that you provide, the first thing they do is to check your business card and get in touch with you.

Printing your business card, therefore, becomes essential so that you can keep a stack of them and distribute it to potential as well as existing customers for business generation. You can also share your cards with other parties that are directly or indirectly involved in your business, like suppliers, financers etc. The most cost-effective solution to printing business cards is to get it done from Print Your Order. You can get various options to choose from and professionally get your business cards printed without burning a hole in your pocket. You get to choose unique fonts and colours with well-made graphics designed to set your business apart from competitors. Prices start as low as $0.49 with the minimum delivery time taken, making it a great choice to print business cards.

Items to Purchase When Printing Cards at Home

Whether you should opt for printing the cards professionally or do your own homework and print them at home is a question that might be troubling you for quite some time. Although one might think of it as a cheaper option to get the cards printed at home, the case is quite the opposite. Having to print your own business cards comes with a set of tools that you need to buy to give your cards a professional look, highlighted as under:

1. Equip yourself with a laser printer


There are two kinds of printers people usually get for printing anything on paper that looks clean and professional. These are inkjet printers and laser printers. It is advisable to get a laser printer if you don’t have it already at home since the quality of output is much better than inkjet printers and is sure to give life to those business cards. With a thorough comparison, it is determinable that the durability of a laser printer is better than an inkjet printer. You can expect the business cards to come out as water-resistant, crisp in quality, with a gloss-like finish that is sure to impress your customers.

2. Getting a good quality paper


The paper on which your printer will work has to be of premium quality so that you do not end up giving customers an unappealing and dull business card. You need to ensure that the thickness of the card is more than the thickness of the cover of a magazine. For a better card appearance that looks professional and has durability, the thickness of the paper should be more. You also need to ensure that your printer can handle thick paper and give unique prints. Glossy papers of up to 100lbs work perfectly as a professional business card and stand out the most.

3. Purchasing a Bistro


Once you are ready with the printer and paper, you will be fully equipped to print some quality business cards within seconds. But after the printing process is done, the next step is to cut each one of them with precision so that they look tidy and professional. For you to do that, skip the scissors. Scissors will never give you the exact cut, and your business card might end up looking shabby no matter how hard you try to be careful with them. The best option to go for is purchasing a bistro which is a pen-like tool, sharp to touch that brings accurate results. You can simply slit each card from the paper using a ruler and get good results.

All of the items mentioned above are necessary for you to have if you want to get your business cards printed at home professionally that can cost you a good amount of money. A good quality laser printer will be priced between $200 to $400 with an additional cost of cartridge, papers will cost you about $20, and a bistro is about $40 depending on the quality. Hence, it can be understood that an initial investment is required for you to start printing cards at home. This is definitely not a budget-friendly option, and you might also need to have a good knowledge of graphics and design to land the perfect business card.

4. Printing Business Cards Professionally


Business cards ought to stand out from your competitors and make your business look good. To professionally get your business cards done, no matter if you are a small business owner, a medium retail startup or a big business corporation, you should print your cards from a service company specialising in the field. There are various types of business cards that you can choose, from websites like Print Your Order, like:

  • Standard Business Cards
  • Clear Plastic Business Cards
  • Premium Business Cards
  • White Plastic Cards
  • Frosted Plastic Business Cards

All you have to do is open the link to the website, choose the business card type of your choice that suits your company the best, select the size of card you would prefer, the kind of paper you want, choose between square or rounded edges for your card, the number of cards you need and how soon you require them. You are also given an option to upload the graphic file for your business card. This quick process will hardly take five minutes of your time and end up giving you perfect results!

If you want to take your time and customise your business card with our help, we will be happy to share our quotes with you. Our team of experts will handle your queries efficiently and deliver exceptional results every time! Connect with us today to enquire more about our services!

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