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International Women’s Day January 24

We are going to share today is what national day? It is a reflection of the CSA about the sub-mediatization of women’s sport that was at the origin of the creation of this first day.

International Women’s Day January 24

It is supported by various ministries (Sports-Youth-Popular Education-Associative Life, Women’s Rights), by the association FEMIX and is organized in collaboration with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

International Women's Day January 24

24h for women’s sport

The godmother of the operation is the multi-medal fencer Laura Flessel-Colovic, but let’s not forget her sponsor, who is none other than the presenter Nelson Montfort.

During the day, sports such as football, rugby and rollerblading will be honored … to realize that women’s sport is not limited to swimming, gymnastics and tennis!

And the other days?

Voices are heard to astonish such initiative in that they have -forcally-limited. Women’s sport is every day, equal to men’s sport and, as Céline Géraud points out (Stage 2) , it would be better for the federations and the broadcasters to agree to give a permanent place permanently to women’s sport!

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