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International Student Day November 10

Today we will tell you today is national what day. In our calendar November 10 is  For students, finding an internship has become an absolute necessity to enter the world of the company, to make its weapons, to discover an environment.

International Student Day November 10

International Student Day November 10

For the companies, the reception of a trainee has become a habitual act in its mode of operation and essential human resources. There is less and less reluctance to entrust him with duties which would normally fall to salaried staff.

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The purpose of this World Day is to draw attention to the abuses of some companies (as well as institutions that are not better off) in the use of trainees.

Everyone knows at least one company that has integrated the trainee as a variable of adjustment of his business plan when he did not make the key to its development. But these cases – some of them scandalous – must not hide the reality of the many companies that regularly host trainees and offer them a real stepping stone to employment.

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