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International hugs day January 21

We are going to share today is what national day? Hug Day, the international  hugs day is celebrated on January 21 of each year, since the 70’s (to the last millennium!).

International hugs day January 21

International hugs day January 21

Some numbers

  • 7 minutes of calin a day to feel happy.
  • Children who grow up more (!) when they have parents kissing.
  • A giant hunt with 462 people (1998 in Winnipeg)

The original cuddle

It was on March 29, 1986 that Reverend Kevin Zaborney had the idea of ​​the first day of cuddling. He found that the beginning of the year and until Valentine’s Day (February 14) was a period of stronger tendency to depression. The end of the year celebrations, a large number of people would suffer from a lack of emotional contact.

The idea of ​​freeing one’s affectivity without waiting and receiving signs of love was born in the form of a movement toward “free cuddling”.

How to proceed?

The principle is simple: an individual offers, in a public place, a hug without compensation to a person chosen at random and the manifest by a small sign on which it is written “free cuddle”.

From you to me all the same, you have to dare.

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