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International Day of the Rights of the Child November 20

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  The International Day of the Rights of the Child is a text of 54 articles adopted by the United Nations on 20 November 1989. It affirms that a child is not only a fragile being to be protected but a person who has the right to be educated, cared for and protected, regardless of where in the world he was born. And also that he has the right to amuse himself, to learn and to express himself. It was ratified by 191 countries out of 193. Only Somalia and the United States refused to commit.

International Day of the Rights of the Child November 20

International Day of the Rights of the Child November 20

This text is very important, but not enough: much remains to be done to make children’s rights a reality. The rights are real only insofar as they are put into practice, for children as for all. Promoting children’s rights is first and foremost creating social, economic and cultural conditions so that everyone can access them. It is at this price that the rights of the child will be truly respected.

UNESCO has always placed a significant role on children in its programs and activities, including the development of personality in early childhood, the social, moral, cultural and economic progress of the community, the appreciation of cultural identities and values, and awareness of respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

The promotion and respect of the rights of the child must not remain a mere ideal, but must become a reality on a day-to-day basis, that the basic rights of the child be finally recognized: right to protection, right to health, right harmonious development, the right to culture, the right to education.

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