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International Day of Italian Cuisine January 17

We are going to share today is what national day? The International Day of Italian Cuisine was proclaimed by the Itches. What is it about? Simply from a group of Italian chefs specializing in Italian cuisine but working out of Italy.

International Day of Italian Cuisine January 17

International Day of Italian Cuisine January 17

Worldwide known, not always respected

When we speak of Italian cuisine, the pizzas, pasta and other scallops of Milan appear immediately before our eyes. That said, Italian cuisine can be known worldwide, but it is equally universally ignored by cooks who do not always respect it as it should. By globalizing, it has lost much of its authenticity and this day wants to attract the attention of consumers on the “real” Italian traditional cooking and its original products.

The choice of January 17

For its celebration, this day was chosen on the day of the Catholic feast of Sant Antonio Abate, the patron saint of animals, but also that of the butchers and the salami [Ed.

As this date is also to be the first day of the carnival, one can easily imagine the great traditional meals that it occasions. Sant’Antonio is celebrated everywhere in Italy and the Italian cooks do their utmost to ensure that this tradition remains alive.

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