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International Day of Animal Rights December 10

We are going to share today is what national day ? The International Day of Animal Rights is celebrated on December 10 of each year.International Day of Animal Rights involves silently demonstrating where animals have been abused, tortured, killed, such as in some research laboratories.

International Day of Animal Rights December 10

International Day of Animal Rights December 10

An Intentional Date

December 10 is also the date of celebration of Human Rights. It was of course not chosen at random. It intends to denounce the “hypocrisy” of not recognizing the fundamental rights of animals: the right to life, freedom and natural fulfillment.

The day also aims to establish a public debate on the way animals are treated and to achieve international recognition of their human rights not to be exploited.

What If The Animal Could Save Lives?

It would be too simple to expose only the point of view of a single party. When the laboratory animal makes it possible, for example, to test the efficacy of a drug, should it always be scandalized? Although medical research uses animals in its laboratories, experiments on live animals can save many lives. There is at least a reflection to be carried out!

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