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International Archives Day June 09

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Did you know ? there is an international congress of the Archives At the 2004 congress held in Vienna (Austria), the participants asked the United Nations to create an International Archives Day  and they got a World Day of Audiovisual Heritage , which is celebrated every October 27th.

International Archives Day June 09

International Archives Day June 09

But archivists did not say their last word, and in some countries they quickly managed to organize their National Archives Day to raise awareness among the public and decision makers about the importance of document archiving and the constitution of a memory of our creations.

ICA + UNESCO = World Day

The success of these national days finally decided the ICA (International Council on Archives) to launch its own International Archives Day, every 9th of June.

The choice of the date does not have anything to chance; it is indeed a 9 of June, in 1948, that the International Council of the Archives was created under the auspices of UNESCO.

Of course, we invite you to archive this site without further delay!

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