Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about Turkey

On the territorial level, Turkey belongs abroad, however, the traditions and culture of turkey are very different from ours. Let’s see some very Interesting facts about Turkey.

Interesting facts about Turkey

  • The largest city in Turkey – Istanbul is the only city in the world that is simultaneously on two continents. Its European and Asian parts are shared by the Bosphorus Strait. Today, the population of the former Turkish capital has less than 15 million people and its area of ​​5354 square meters. km. Thanks to this, the ancient capital of the three empires (Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman) is one of the largest cities in the world. And not so long ago, in 2010, Istanbul was elected cultural capital of Europe.
  • The quality of Turkish medicine is different from domestic. For example, according to the number of accredited medical institutions, this country is the world leader. The drugs here are much cheaper than ours, and the likelihood of buying a counterfeit medicine is minimal. Ophthalmology and dentistry in Turkey at the highest level, and in the context of medical tourism, residents of many European and Arab countries are treated here. To become a doctor in Turkey, you must learn up to 9 years, not 6.
  • But forging any other industrial product in Turkey is not a punishable case, if the fake has a minimum of 4 differences from the original.
  • With regard to the rest of the beach in this country, it should be noted the main advantage of Turkey in front of popular European resorts, namely: the longest bathing season.
  • Interesting situation with Turkish real estate prices. Although recently, they have certainly increased, but still you can buy real estate in Istanbul almost 5 times cheaper than in any European capital. Note that Istanbul is currently ranked 30th in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world.
  • An interesting fact about Turkey is that this country is one of the safest in the world in terms of the number of criminal offenses committed. So you can relax here calmly!
  • Modern Turkish uses Latin as an alphabet in which, however, there are not enough letters – W, X and Q. In addition, there are many words borrowed in this language, but especially in French and not in English.

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