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10 Interesting facts about Jamaica

10 Interesting facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is the land of fun, but if you think it’s just about sunsets on beautiful beaches you’re very wrong. That is why today I bring you some striking data that perhaps you did not know interesting facts about Jamaica and its population, so that you have them in mind if you decide to make a trip there. There is much more to explore.

Interesting facts about Jamaica

    • Have you ever heard of the “Milk River Bath”? It is a warm and natural spa that has the reputation of being the most radioactive in the world!
    • Beyond the fact that the official language is English, the one that most people speak is the “Patois” which is a hybrid between English and African Creole.
    • Usain Bolt, the winner of three Olympic medals and three times elected as the fastest runner on earth, hails from Jamaica.
    • They are a religious people whose central religion is Christianity. They give a lot of importance to religious education in children and this is reflected in the fact that all public schools must pray before classes begin.

  • Jamaica has more churches per square mile than in any other Christian country in the world.
  • This country has given us great celebrities and celebrities such as Bob Marley, Sean Kingston, Sean Paul.
  • The name “Jamaica” is derived from an indigenous word meaning “the land of wood and water”.
  • Its national tree is the “Blue mahoe” (Hibiscus elatus).
  • A curious fact is that this island manages to remain sunny throughout the year. That’s why it’s no wonder that tourists go there at any station.
  • The consumption of alcohol (while you are of legal age) is not prohibited. But drugs do, whether they buy, sell or own. Myth of marijuana knocked down!

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