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10 Interesting facts about Israel

10 Interesting facts about Israel

Wherever you look, Israel is a very particular country, of really admirable contrasts. Interesting facts about Israel is that it is a relatively young nation in which a lot of experience, ingenuity and diversity converge. Hidden behind the regular news that is broadcast from the region, there are facts and curious facts about Israel that deserve to stand out and that allow us to understand the leadership and the ability to overcome their inhabitants.

10 Interesting facts about Israel

  1. The most enterprising country in the world

If you estimate the number of ventures (business initiatives of new businesses) that arise every year in Israel, in relation to the size of its population, it can be said without a doubt that Israel is the most enterprising country in the world. Every year there are many projects, business ideas and companies in Israel that not only have an impact at the national level. Many of these ventures have a global reach. Nothing else to consider this figure: Israel has more companies registered in the NASDAQ than all of Europe. The most recent statistics indicate that Israel has the highest per capita risk capital ratio in the world, surpassing even that of the United States by 2.5 times. A good reason for this to happen is that Israel invests 4.5% of its gross domestic product (GDP) for research and development; the highest allocation in the world.

  1. The only country that revived a dead language and converted it into its national language

A sign of the strong identity and cultural determination of the Israelis is the fact of having revived an extinct language such as Hebrew and having converted it into the national language of the country. While other languages ​​are very important in the life of the country (such as English, Russian, Arabic and even French), Hebrew was not reduced to being a “protocol” language. He really lives and beats in the daily life of the Israelis. Notices, signs and everything that is fundamental in communications is in Hebrew.

  1. Israel, cradle of technology for the whole world

Israel is one of the world’s leading leaders in technological innovation and the largest exporter of cutting-edge technology on the planet. In this country there have been inventions of great transcendence for humanity. Among many others are: cell phones, USB memories, the technology of stem cells for tissue regeneration, the first effective repellent against jellyfish, the first antivirus on the planet, several generations of processors for computers, among many more. This is not only the result of entrepreneurship, already addressed in the first point. Israel has the highest per capita index of scientists and technicians in the world.

  1. One of the longest-lived countries in the world

Who believed it: the country that is most talked about in the news due to a conflict is the same one that has the highest life expectancy in the region and the third in the world. Men in Israel live, on average, more than 80 years, while women over 84. The reasons for such longevity indices are very well detailed in this link.

  1. Israel, the nation that loves books the most

Undoubtedly one of the curious facts about Israel that best speaks about culture and overcoming the citizens of the country is its relationship with books. The country has the highest per capita index in the world in book reading and book publishing. Precisely because of this enthusiasm related to the publishing industry, it also has the highest record in the world as the nation that translates more books from other languages ​​into its own language.

  1. A nation of opportunities for women

While it is true that various cultural perspectives converge in Israel and some of them relegate women to a very discreet level, from the perspective of the state, Israel is a country that grants equal opportunities to women like few other countries in the world. In the country, women, like men, provide military service and have equal access to public and business positions. In fact, the third woman in modern history to be chosen to lead a country was Golda Meir. She assumed the reins of Israel at a time when it was much more difficult than today to be appointed to that responsibility (she served as prime minister between 1969 and 1974). Israel also has the honor of being the first country to appoint a woman as the first president of its supreme court, the jurist Dorit Beinisch.

  1. The land that is getting greener

While many countries around the world see the number of trees on their territory diminish each year, Israel is one of the only two countries in the world that reached the 21st century with an increase in the number of trees planted in its territory. The other country is Canada. However, the Israeli case, more than one of its curious data, is something truly meritorious, since the climatic and topographic conditions of the region have demanded ingenuity and additional effort to manage to reforest areas that seemed irrecoverable. In addition, forest recovery in Israel is a state policy that is fulfilled and sustained over time.


  1. The most efficient irrigation system for agriculture in the world

Since the days when the world learned about the kibbutz, the capacity of the Israelis to make deserts fertile agricultural fields has become legendary. It is not an exaggeration and this improves with time. Israel is the country that best uses the limitations of the soil to produce food and even flowers. Indeed, on a date such as Valentine’s Day, Europe dawns with flowers grown in Israel. All this is due to agricultural technology and irrigation systems developed in Israel that are not only responsible for major agricultural production but also maintain the public gardens of the cities in excellent condition.


  1. The country with the highest rate of absorption of immigrants in the world

Israel is clear about its purpose as a nation and that is why it allocates important resources to bring to its territory citizens who have the right to emigrate to the country. In relation to its current population, Israel is therefore the country with the highest migratory density in the world, because it is significant the number of people who make “Aliyah” to live in the country of their ancestors.

  1. The only liberal democracy in the Middle East

In terms of political liberties and democracy, Israel is at the head of a region as complex and diverse as the Middle East. Only Jews, Christians and Muslims can vote with equal rights and opportunities on Israeli soil. From the beginning of its life as a state, Israel has been totally democratic and although Judaism has a huge influence on national life, Israel is, without a doubt, a secularly oriented country in terms of its institutions public.


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