Great White Pelican : National Bird of Romania

The national bird of Romania

The national bird of Romania is the great white pelicans which are rare species that inhabit in African swamps, Southern Europe, and Asian region. Their binomial name is Pelecanus onocrotalus. The name was given to Pelicans in 1758. The Dalmatian Pelicans are the largest ones in size among the species, they are gray in color with dark feathers and colored strips. They are medium to heavy weight in size, the largest ones are found in Africa. They have a unique downward bend in the neck, they have a unique neck with long beak used to prey toads and fish. The male pelicans have pinkish color tone, and the females have orangish skin color. They are mostly found in water and swamps, their claws are large and webbed having small legs. They have a long flight period with large wings, they reside near swamps in bushes. They are white in color, their grayish feathers at the time of birth fade with time. They have broad wings and a wingspan greater than 3 meters. The tail is short, and the legs are pinkish. They have bare patches around their eyes, there is a large pouch underneath the face region.

[table caption=”Great White Pelicans” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Romania
3,Wingspan,226 to 360 cm
5,Mass Male,9 to 15 kg
6,Mass Female,5.4 to 9 kg
7,Body Length,35 – 47 centimeters

The great white pelicans which is the National Bird of Romania fly to long distances in search of food and adjustable weather conditions. The largest found population of pelicans was found on Lake Rukwa, Tanzania. The legs are not technically used to catch prey, their long bill is primarily considered as a hunting weapon.

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Interesting Facts National Bird of Romania :

  • Male Pelicans are larger than the female great white pelicans.
  • Their length varies for every continent, most of the male pelicans are 175 cm in length and females are 150 cm.
  • Male and female pelicans, both are predators. Males have relatively robust and long beak, the female has 30-40 cm bills that are 5-15 cm less than males.
  • They are dissimilar from their species by a large scoop to catch fish from the water. The pouch can stretch rendering to the size of the prey.
  • The pouch has the ability to swallow fish while forcing the water from mouth region.
  • Apart from their size and shape, great white pelican birds are excellent fliers. They can fly for the whole day if needed, they travel in V-shape when flying as flocks. They move from high mountains and passes to lowlands.
  • 50% of the great white pelicans reside in Romanian lakes.
  • Found in tropical regions, they flock towards warm areas (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India) in winters.
  • Fish is the main diet of Great White Pelicans.
  • The birds prey on fish individually as well as in flocks of 10-15.
  • Females lay two large oval eggs at an average per season.
  • The incubation period of Great While Pelicans is 31 days. The smaller ones are able to fly and hunt in three months.
  • The young Pelicans become sexually active usually after three years.
  • The average lifespan of great white pelicans is 30 years.
  • The population of great white pelicans is approximately 1 million worldwide.
  • The average speed of Great White Pelicans is 6 kilometers per hour, they are marathon swimmers and fliers.

Great White Pelican Picture

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Great White Pelican Pics

Great White Pelican Picture

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