Turaco : National Bird Of Switzerland

Turaco is the National Bird Of Switzerland

The National bird of Switzerland is Turaco. Turaco are unique and limited bird species found in Swiss mountains and southern Africa.

The National birds lie in the category of ‘birds of heaven’ and they are as adorable as the lush and serene Swiss culture and locations. Switzerland is one of the most diverse, wealthiest, and wilderness friendly countries in the world, it is the reason many of the endangered species are primarily contained in the region to preserve the nature and breed of the birds and animals.

Turacos have different names in other parts of the world; they are often called as banana eater birds. They are referred as members of Louries family of birds with great crust and tails and mixed up colors.

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Color Division:

Switzerland national bird has three pigments in their body. The purple, green, and blue pigments in feathers. The purple pigment is rare in most of the turaco while the red and green pigments are most common. The green pigment is the only true green color pigment in birds species found; it is mostly due to the amalgamation of the blue and yellow pigment in other birds whereas in Turaco, it is pure green from crown to tail. The blue pigment in feathers is a mixed color originated from other color pigments. The red color is also present in a few species as an exception.

[table caption=”Turaco Features” width=”500″]
1,<b>National Bird</b>,Switzerland
3,<b>Wingspan</b>,21 cm
5,<b>Mass Male</b>, 210-325 g
6,<b>Mass Female</b>, 210-325 g
7,<b>Body Length</b>,40 to 75 cm

Types of Turaco:

There are around 50+ known species of turaco of which around 48 are classified to differ from each other by shape, characteristics, and geography. The other two species are different from the remaining ones of size only. Almost all the turaco species are small to medium-sized except for blue turaco.

The medium sized turaco are not good at flying long distances. However, they are quite useful in quickly climbing from tree to tree with their firm grip and 360-degree rotation with their claws. The white crested Turaco is a rare one in the European region, it is mostly fed on seeds, plants, fruits, leaves, and flowers. Ruwenzori and purple-crested turacos are the most common ones in Europe, especially in Switzerland. They have a little crown and dark tails. The feather region is dark from the center and lightly colored from the boundaries. The Long-crested turaco or Schalow’s Turaco eat fruits and seeds and are the longest turaco species of all the other ones. They belong to green turaco branch. The go-away birds or turaco can frequently be seen on Swiss Woodlands; they feed on fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They are 48 cm in length from head to tail. however, after reading about national bird Of Switzerland you must be curious to know the national animal of Switzerland.

Interesting Facts National Bird Of Switzerland | Facts about Turaco

  • In the wild, Turacos live for 10-15 years, when caged, they live for as much as 30years.
  • Turacos become sexually mature by the age of 2.
  • Turacos hatch 3-4 eggs in a period.
  • The incubation period of Turacos are 22 days on average (except Blue Turacos)
  • Turaco species are classified as go-away birds and Plantain-eaters.
  • Turacos inhabit in all the European continent and Sub-tropical African region.

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