Golden Eagle: National Bird of Germany

National Bird of Germany

The national bird of Germany is Golden Eagle. It also seems obvious that Germany is very large, but often we are not aware of the enormous difference between living in cosmopolitan cities.

Such as Berlin and Hamburg or in other richer and more industrial cities like Munich, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf. German national bird the letter they offer the most jobs, is full of opportunities, but often seem dead from 18:00 hours and support an expensive standard of living. The first, most attractive and vital, are the poorest in Germany, carry their own unemployment bags and are already saturated with applicants. In Berlin, there is a strike of 11.8%, in Munich of 3.8%. They are different worlds.

National Bird of Germany

The German national bird Golden Eagle is well known for its speed when attacking a prey. The golden eagle flies down at speeds of 150 miles per hour to surprise and trap its prey. Although it is very capable of catching larger animals, this bird prefers to focus on smaller animals such as dogs, rabbits, and squirrels. Its physical characteristics make the golden eagle a beautiful and majestic bird.

National Bird of Germany

The largest bird in North America, the golden eagle, has a body covered with dark brown feathers . The bird of germany golden feathers that are around the head and nape are the ones that give this real bird its name. However, before reaching maturity, this bird looks something different. The youngest golden eagle has white patches on its wings, as well as white feathers along the base and its tail. Their feet are also without feathers. It takes him four years to reach maturity and give up his white feathers.

Interesting Facts about Golden Eagle | German National Bird


The height of the golden eagle is only increased by its massive wingspan. The average size of a golden eagle is 6 to 7 1/2 feet (1.8 to 2.3 m). The length and width of its wings allow this bird to remain in the air for hours. For this reason, the golden eagle is considered a glider. Due to their glider technique, the designs of many modern airplanes have been influenced by this bird.

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Differences between male and Female 

Size is the biggest difference when we compare male and female. Females are noticeably larger than their male counterparts. This is common in most birds of the raptor family. A female golden eagle usually weighs 40 percent more than a male and has a 10 percent larger wingspan. On average this bird weighs in the range of 7 to 13 pounds (3.2 to 7.9 kg). Golden eagles are monogamous and usually stay with their partners for life.

[table caption=”Golden Eagle Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Germany
3,Wingspan,2.81 m (9 ft 3 in)
5,Mass Male, 6.7 kg (15 lb)
6,Mass Female, 6.35 kg (14.0 lb)
7,Body Length,1.8 to 2.34 m


Eagle nests are called nests, and are built in the tops of high cliffs or in very tall trees. Most eagle species lay only two eggs at a time, but it is common that the first were born to kill their younger brother. Because female chicks are larger than males, the dominant girl is more often a female. It is very rare for an eagle to interfere with this behavior.

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