Perfect Way to End High School With a Bang – 2024 Guide

Life is uncertain and fast-paced. You never anticipated that this day will come and that too, this soon but it is here! Finishing off high school or rather your life as an adolescent can be bittersweet.

On the one hand, you’re moving closer to your dreams and exploring the real world while, at the same time bidding farewell to carefree days with your childhood friends, old teachers and most importantly, your family. Well, this is no time to sob around, in fact, this is time you take charge and make the most of this magical year without just having your nose in books and college applications. To do the aforementioned, you need the right mindset and plan for which we have great tips for you to be best at everything!

Here’s how you can be the jack of all trades as a senior in high school:

1. Plan, plan and plan!


High school is a window or rather a trailer to the movie college is. It’s high pressure where you just can’t afford to make mistakes. With that said, it can all be a bit too overwhelming which is why you need to have a plan. The best way to plan or rather, prioritize tasks is by keeping an organized planner/ calendar on hand. It is important that you have an organized calendar of your deadlines which will allow you to plan accordingly without missing out on the important stuff. Further, planning will also provide you with a sense of direction in a way. You would know what to expect which will save a lot of hours of tension and stress before an important deadline. Not only this, keeping a planner will also help you turn it into a habit which you will be thanking yourself for in college.

2. Explore your options


The world is literally your oyster in high school. You have so much to look forward to. With that said, it is imperative that you are aware of all the options that are available at your discretion and then making an informed decision. There are plenty of schools out there but they all will not match your personality and more importantly, your ultimate goal. There are a few aspects that you must ponder over with all schools before making the rightful decision. A few of the aspects are as follows:

  • Location (Is it away from home?)
  • Class size (Are you alright with being at a big school?)
  • Budget (Is it falling in your budget?)
  • Living situation (Are there options on and off campus to reside at?)
  • Major (Is it good for the major you want to opt for?)
  • Post graduation life (What is the employment rate of its alumni?)

Alongside, the aforementioned aspects and questions that you need to ask yourself and discuss with both your family and guidance counselors. After shortlisting the ideal colleges, you must start working towards them. Now, working towards them doesn’t only mean that you would have to allocate most of your days writing that college essay, it must include you visiting it. Visiting prospective colleges tells you more things about a college than what the prospectus will. It gives you a rather personalized experience making it much easier for you to make the right decision. Further, once you’ve done all the work, make sure you’re not only applying to one school or even two which means you need to have a plan b in case the current plan doesn’t work for you.

3. Work towards your dreams


With your options laid out and your visits in place, it is important to start working towards them and turning them into reality. Starting from your SAT or ACT score, try to get done with it in your junior year as during that year you have much less to worry about. With a kickass SAT/ ACT score under your belt it is important to work towards improving your GPA or maintaining it if it is already spectacular. Improving or maintaining your grades is extremely important which is why you must allocate some uninterrupted hours each night after school for revision. This way you will show up prepared the next day and will retain the lesson much better which means no break downs before the pop-up quiz or the finals. Lastly, you must get going on your college applications. It is imperative you take your sweet time and energy on writing the essay which will ultimately decide your fate.

College essays are fairly tricky. The admission board doesn’t put too much heed on perfect grades and SAT score, what they’re truly looking for are all-rounders. They require or rather gravitate towards candidates with pleasant personalities and are just not book nerds. With that said, try to bring out as much personality of yours on that essay as possible. The best way to keep yourself from submitting rookie essays is to run it by your guidance counselor, your favorite teacher and even your friends and family. Try to incorporate what they suggest and you’ll be amazed by the final product. According to, if you are still struggling with your essay and the due date is near, you should look for online help.

4. Be present


This is your last year of school; make sure you make the most of it. Try to spend as much time as you can with your friends and family and have some quality time. Plan out fun activities like road trips, movie nights, etc. as an excuse to not only blow off the steam but also to hang out with people you love the most and might not be around for the next few years. Do not succumb to the pressure of studies and college applications and have some fun time with your pals as this time will never return!

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