5 Crazy Travel Facts That You Should Know About

Once in a while, it’s good to travel to a new country for a vacation. It’s an excellent way to relieve stress and get us back in working condition. Imagine going to places like Palawan in the Philippines. You get to savor its pristine white sand beaches. How about the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Or how about the impressive landscapes of Italy and other European countries?

Although it’s the beaches and other tourist destinations you’re really after, there are some more things that you need to experience. When you arrive in a new country, you get to experience a new culture, taste exotic food, learn new languages, and meet new people. All of these new feelings make up for memorable experiences.

Now that we’re in a pandemic traveling for a vacation might not be the right choice. For this reason, holidays and trips have been postponed or indefinitely canceled. Although we can still travel after the quarantine ends, we just have to stay safe. To get you hyped up, here are some crazy travel facts that you should know about. Don’t worry, after this quarantine; you’ll be up and traveling. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see some of the places mentioned below:

Silent Hill Is Real


Do you know that creepy game made by Konami and Hideo Kojima? That game’s name is Silent Hill, and if you’ve played it, you’ll know how scary it is. First off, Silent Hill is the name of a small town that you’re investigating in the game. For some reason, Silent Hill is wrapped in darkness, and there’s no one in the city, or so it seems.

Just walk a few inches in the town, and you’ll immediately see how creepy it is. In fact, the game ranks high in many lists that feature horror games. Here’s one fact from the dozens of crazy facts about Silent Hill: The place is actually based on a real place! Silent Hill is the fictionalized version of Centralia, Pennsylvania. If you’re one of the brave, then you can visit this place in the future.

Chewing Gum Is Illegal


As harmless as it may sound, the gum is one of the most common threats we carry inside our pockets. It’s so common that we often bring it along with our vacations and other trips. However, do be wary when visiting Singapore. Bringing gum in the country can have disastrous u-turns for your vacation. For one, secretly bringing in gum can get you a hefty fine. If it’s more serious, you could spend time doing community service or even land in jail!

The reason why gum is illegal in Singapore is that the country considers it dirty. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world, and its people plan on keeping that reputation. Thus, visitors and even citizens of the country are prohibited from buying, selling, or consuming chewing gum.

Take off Your Shoes!


When you travel, one important aspect you’re going to have to secure is your footwear. Since you’ll be doing a lot of walking around, you should wear proper shoes or sandals. Generally, it would help if you didn’t take them off as your feet can get dirty or get injured. However, when visiting certain countries, do abide by their rules regarding footwear. In Japan, it’s considered rude not to leave your footwear outside when visiting or entering any premises.

In Thailand, Cambodia, India, and other places with awe-inspiring temples, always take off your shoes before entering as a sign of respect. If you don’t abide by these rules, people will take offense. What’s worse, monks might end up chasing you because you’re rude to their customs!

Balut Is Good


The Philippines is one of the best places to visit. If you’re looking for friendly people, remarkable cuisine, and hidden beaches, this country is your best bet. However, as the country is improving in terms of urban areas, it also has a fascinating urban landscape.

One, Filipinos are warm and friendly. In some towns where road-side drinking sessions are plentiful, it’s not hard seeing a foreigner being egged on by the drinkers to join them. The Philippines is also known for its wide assortment of exotic dishes. Sisig, a spicy pork dish, is a local favorite and is made of mascara or pig’s face, spices, garlic, onion, and chopped up intestines. Another favorite is Lechon Baka, a whole cow that’s roasted. You can commonly see these types of food when fiestas are going on.

Perhaps one of the strangest foods in the Philippines is the Balut egg or Balut. It’s a local favorite, and you can find vendors peddling in on the streets. Balut is a hard-boiled duck egg with a developing embryo inside. Locals say it’s fantastic with spicy vinegar. Depending on the day it’s listed, the embryo inside can be just a small glob or can be a whole duckling!

Thumbs up Is a Big No


A thumbs-up might be an excellent way to say that you’re okay or approve of something back where you live. Although many people consider it a positive sign, some countries in the middle east consider it an offensive gesture. A thumbs up in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many other middle eastern countries is comparable to the middle finger. Yikes.

Other gestures that you consider normal can be offensive for some. For example, a handshake is offensive in some middle eastern countries. Tapping someone’s head in Thailand can get you in trouble. In Japan, finger-pointing is rude and can get you a lot of bad stares. Be mindful of your actions when in other countries.


Although we’re in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, things are looking bright. In the future, all of our travel plans will come to fruition. Undeniably, traveling to new places is an exciting experience. However, don’t get caught up in the excitement. Always mind the laws of the country you’re visiting to avoid any problems. The facts mentioned above might sound crazy, but hey they’re real, and they might sound crazy for some.

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