Budgeting For Your First Guitar: How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Learning any musical device is always challenging. But the learning process is always beneficial and enjoyable because it’s a dream come true, your hobby. To understand any musical instrument, you require the best device which plays the best music.

It’s so attractive to think that you can play guitar. It’s available everywhere and in all styles, from traditional to modern. If you know how to play the guitar, you will always set a place in the music world, whether as a composer, studio guitarist, or just for fun. Before purchasing, you need to know its price, key features, which is best for you, and more.

Research for a reliable online guitar shop for different guitar models and brands within your price range. Ask your buddies, relatives, or well-known guitarists for recommendations or read reviews online. To do the correct thinking, review all the related information here.

Pros Of Learning Guitar

  • It could sharpen focus.
  • It feels fresh while playing and overcomes terrible moods.
  • It can increase the thinking process and enable you to express yourself more freely and confidently.
  • When you cannot communicate at that time by playing guitar, you can express yourself better without words.

Factors To Think About While Buying Your First Guitar

Consider several criteria before buying the first guitar so you can choose the best one for you. You must study and think about these thoroughly.

  • Budget

With careful investigation, classical acoustic guitars are frequently found for less than $100.

Even basic electric guitars will likely cost you $100, and that’s before considering the amplifiers.

Remember that you also purchase an amplifier while purchasing an electric guitar. You must believe and remember that it is included in your budget. If you decide not to buy amplifiers and use virtual amplifiers instead, you also need a setup for electric guitar and a cord, a cable, and software for processing. These all are very costly tools.

Various guitars are available in different ranges; it depends on how much you spend on a guitar. Electric guitars from well-known brands often cost several thousand dollars. However, manufacturers frequently release more affordable product lines. Guitars can be purchased second-hand for a few hundred dollars or less. Specific older models can cost tens of thousands, but you can find the ideal model for about $40 at a charity shop.

  • Size

When buying the first guitar, we must consider its size because it does not correspond to the size of your body. However, you need help to handle the guitar perfectly or play it comfortably, preventing you from learning to play it.

Acoustic guitars are available in different sizes. There is also a difference in sound and bass between Medium and Dreadnought acoustic guitars. According to your requirement, search for the shop and try different types of guitars, then you will know which one is good for you. However, you can buy a medium-sized guitar; it’s a good option.

  • The Volume Level

You know how bad it can sound when first learning an instrument and spending 10 minutes on a large scale, unable to hear these loud sounds by ear and hammer-ons chords resulting in a horrible buzzing and distortion. Acoustic is more convenient for everyone in the house.

If you have an electric guitar, purchase good earpods to connect to your amplifiers to safeguard your home against a learning guitarist’s risks.

  • Connectivity

Acoustic guitars offer instant notifications. Although this may be a manageable problem, a practice may range from a few times per week to daily.

An acoustic guitar may be picked up and played right away, whereas an electric guitar requires amplifiers and connections that may not be available.

  • Flexibility

As electric guitars are more significant than acoustic guitars, it is necessary to transport extra parts from one location to another. (amp, cables, and pedals, as you learn beforehand.)

  • Accessories

There are several accessories on the market. On the other hand, you can get a range of accessories combined with guitars if you search online. You can use fewer accessories. A padded bag is the first thing needed for acoustic guitars. With this backpack, you may travel with other accessories like a guitar stand, tuner, and more while keeping your guitar secure. While attending concerts, always bring additional strips with you. It would help to have pedals, cords, and amplifiers to play the electric guitar.

Materials Frequently Used

The type of wood used for the body affects the sound’s timbre; denser woods (like spruce) generate a brighter tone, whereas lighter woods typically have a darker tone (cedar). Other typical woods are

  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany
  • Ebony wood.
  • Linden wood.

3. Types Of Guitars

1. Steel-Stringed Acoustic Guitars

These are the best choice for beginners who want to learn guitar. It is available in all budgets according to your requirements you can select. It’s available with a combination of its accessories. Buying your first guitar is a good option and worth the money.

2. Nylon String Classical Guitars

Nylon strings require less pressure on the fingertips to relate, which means that an unpracticed guitarist will experience less pain while learning to play.

They are lighter, making them easier to transport from practice or store in your home if you have limited space. They are typically less expensive, an important consideration when purchasing a first guitar.

3. Electric Guitars

Once you learn to play acoustic guitars for advanced learning, electric guitars are the best option. They are primarily used in rock concerts and stage shows. They are costly. But one word for electric guitar is – excellent. They are connected to amplifiers for better audio quality.

Source: guitarplayer.com

Should You Purchase A New Or Used Guitar?

If you are still determining whether you can learn quickly, you have to choose used ones that are available and less expensive. If there is any damage, you can repair it by the technician. It is a good option.

If you have a good budget and are sure to learn quickly, go for a new one but do your research online and offline. Take expert advice; they give you good guidance.


To summarize this post, the guitar we are most comfortable playing benefits us. However, we must ensure that we invest in high-quality guitars so that you can clearly show your abilities as a guitarist in the future. The guitar that you enjoy playing sounds nice to you and is the finest one for you. When selecting a choice, take your time, research, and don’t hesitate to test out several guitars.

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