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Edinburgh : Capital City of Scotland

Capital City of Scotland

Edinburgh is second largest and Capital city in Scotland and the seventh most populous in Britain. Edinburgh City Council is one of the 32 municipal areas in Scotland. The municipality area includes the towns of Edinburgh and 78 km2 of land. Located south of Scotland, Edinburgh is located on the east coast of the central region, along the Firth of Forth, close to the North Sea.
Edinburgh is home to the Scottish Parliament. The city was one of the most important centers of enlightenment, led by the University of Edinburgh, winning the nickname of the north of Athens. The districts of the old city and the new city of Edinburgh were classified as the World Heritage Site in 1995 by UNESCO. There are over 4,500 protected buildings in the city. In May 2010, there were a total of 40 protected areas covering 23% of buildings and 23% of the population, the highest proportion of any major city in Britain.

Edinburgh capital city of scotland

Interesting facts about Edinburgh

Culturally Edinburgh is known for the Edinburgh Festival, a number of separate events run from late July to early September each year. The main festival is the Edinburgh International Festival, which was held for the first time in 1947. The International Festival centers on a program of classical music theater and high-profile international directors, directors, theater groups and orchestras.

The international festival has been achieved since then, both in size and popularity at Edinburgh Fringe. What began as a program of sideevents festival has become the world’s largest art, with 1,867 shows held in 2006 in 261 locations. Comedy is now one of the founders in Fringe, with many notable comedians who make their appearance here, often through the receipt of the Edinburgh Comedy Award.

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In 2008, the largest comedy Edinburgh Fringe launched a festival in a festival, considered the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Already at the beginning was the biggest comedy festival in the world. Alongside these major festivals, the Edimburgh Art Festival, the Edimburgh International Film Festival (moved to June 2008), the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and the Edimburgh International Book Festival. The Edge Festival (formerly known as T on Fringe), popular music at Fringe, began in 2000, replacing the less Flux and Planet Pop.

At the same time as summer festivals, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Esplanade Castle occupies every night, with lots of pipers and fireworks. In addition to the various summer festivals, the International Science Festival Edinburgh also celebrated. He is held annually in April, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Edinburgh capital city of scotland


Equally famous is the annual New Year’s Eve. Originally a street party on Princes Street and Royal Mile, the Hogmanay event has been officially organized since 1993. In 1996, more than 300,000 people attended, which received party tickets on Main Street in recent years, with a limit of 100,000 tickets. Hogmanay now covers four days of parades, concerts and fireworks, with street party New Year’s Eve. During the festival at Princes Street, it is available through a single ticket, featuring live band player, food and beverage stalls, and a clear perception of the castle and fireworks. Alternative tickets to enter the concert of Princes Street Gardens and Ceilidh, where famous artists are presented and subscribers are invited to attend the traditional Scottish ceilidh dance. The event attracts thousands of people around the world.

On the night of April 30, the Beltane Fire Festival takes place on Calton Hill, Edinburgh. The festival involves a procession followed by recreation inspired by the heathen celebration of spring fertility scenes. At the beginning of October each year, the Dussehra Hindu Festival is also celebrated in Calton Hill.

Edinburgh capital city of scotland

Museums and libraries

Edinburgh has a number of museums and libraries, many of which are national institutions. These include the Museum of Scotland, the Royal Museum, the National Library of Scotland, the National War Museum of Scotland, the Edinburgh Museum, the Children’s Museum and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Literature and philosophy

Edinburgh has a long literary tradition, dating back to the Scottish Enlightenment and declared the first city of UNESCO Literature in 2004. The Edinburgh Enlightenment produced the philosopher David Hume and the pioneer of political economy, Adam Smith . Authors like James Boswell , Robert Louis Stevenson , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Sir Walter Scott and all lived and worked in Edinburgh. Today, the city is home to many publishing companies. JK Rowling , author of the Harry Potter novels , is a resident of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is also associated with the detective novels of Ian Rankin , And the work of Irvine Welsh, whose novels are mostly located in the city and are often written in colloquial Scottish. Edinburgh is also home to the international bestseller Alexander McCall Smith .

To cope with traffic congestion, Edinburgh is served by six discouraging car parks on the outskirts of the city in Sheriffhall, Ingliston, Riccarton, Inverkeithing (in Fife) and Newcraighall. A new facility in Straiton opened in October 2008. A referendum of Edinburgh residents in February 2005 rejected a proposal to introduce the congestion charge into the city.

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