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Day of Christopher Columbus October 10

Today we will tell you today is national what day. On October 10 Day of Christopher Columbus is celebrated. Should this day be included in the World Day calendar? The question deserves to be asked about Day of Christopher Columbus and we have taken the plunge. Indeed, even if it does not carry the title of World Day, this day is well and truly since it is celebrated (and it is even a holiday!) In many countries: Spain, America Latin America and the United States.

Day of Christopher Columbus October 10

Day of Christopher Columbus October 10

Celebrating the joys of exploration

Go back. We are 12 October 1492. Christopher Columbus ends his crossing of the Atlantic by landing on the lands of the “New World”. Still, he must know where exactly Christopher Columbus has actually landed on the island of San Salvador (Bahamas) believing to discover a new passage to the Indies and its riches. From then on, one no longer wonders why he named “Indians” the people met.

It will be forgiven for this approximation by saluting his exploit, which is the starting point of European exploration and colonization of the American continent.

A national holiday

The Day of Christopher Columbus is a national holiday in the United States, it is also celebrated by the Spaniards – that is the least of things – and in the countries of Latin America, even though Spanish colonization is now a subject many debates.

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