How Do You Cleanse Your House With Sage – 2024 Guide

Cleansing is a necessary part of life. Cleansing your house with sage is one of the simplest and most effective ways to spiritually cleanse and let go of negative energy. There are a lot of people who wash their houses with sage and get good results. But unfortunately, synthetic products are dangerous to our health and destroy our souls and spirits. So instead, they cleanse their floors using sage, furniture, and walls with rose essence, and they also use rosewater and pure essential oils.

There are a lot of types of sage. But most commonly used by people are:

  • Western sage
  • Mexican sage
  • Wormwood Sage
  • White Sage.
  • Clary Sage.

Guide For How Do You Cleanse Your House With Sage In 2024

1. Smudge Liberally


It is essential to use Sage as a part of your daily routine. You can not hope to cleanse just once and leave all the negative energy there, waiting for its second chance. The best way to keep negative energy out of your life is to establish a routine that cleanses negativity every few days. It takes time and effort, but it is a much better alternative to leaving heavy negativity in your place.

2. Smudge Often

Use sage often and turn your home into a temple. You should smudge every seven days, whether a small piece of sage or the whole herb. Smudge it throughout your house daily or every few days, but you should not leave a day without smudging. It is good to burn some sage during the spring in your windows and doors.

3. Prepare The Bowls Of Water

Fill a bowl of water with spring water. It is essential to use a bowl of a specific size. Add five drops of clary sage, lavender, and rosemary to the bowl with sea salt, then put one spoon full of powdery sage into it to get a foggy blue effect on your walls and furniture. It would help if you did not leave the windows open because this could attract evil spirits and their energy into your home. Sprinkle the water in your rooms, your beds, and around them. You should actively cleanse your bed and room from negative energies. Thinking how to sage smudge your home?, visit and know more.

4. Smudge Before Leaving


Before leaving the house for a certain period, you should smudge your home with sage to eliminate unnecessary energies that might follow you to other places. It is also important to paint your house regularly when someone comes over so that they won’t take away any negative energy. Smudging with sage helps keep dark and evil points out of your home.

5. Burn Sage And Incense

You should burn some sage and incense in your home if you need to protect yourself from evil spirits which could enter it at any time. You can also burn incense to eliminate negative energy and let in positive energy. After you burn some sage and incense, sprinkle the smoke from the smell and sage on your house with sea salt, and it will help cleanse your home for a few hours after leaving. However, this method is unsuitable for everyone because it takes time and dedication to do it regularly.

6. Smudge Before A Ceremony

Before performing any ritual or ceremony, you should clean your room or place with sage. This will prevent any negative energies that could get in the way of your habits and ceremonies. It is also good to do this before other traditions or practices so that the ritual points are not disturbed. Nobody knows what would happen if you did not cleanse your house and room before touching any ritual tools.

7. Add The Sage To The Water


Dip a clean cloth into the bowl, then place it on a table. Allow it to soak throughout the day, and cover your house with it. Do not leave without smudging for at least seven days, as this is essential to your ritual cleansing. Moreover, depending on the time you live in your home, you should not just smudge every once in a while, but every few days is terrific.

8. Smudge With Intention

Now that you are ready to start smudging with burning sage nicely, it is always good to have some music playing in the background, or some candles lit up so the atmosphere becomes more pleasant while you work. It is also recommended to burn sage in the main room of your house or the space that you spend most of your time in. Then, smudge all around the house with burning sage from one corner to another, do not forget to smudge around all of your windows, doors, and even your bed.

9. Smudge Before Sitting On The Throne

After you have finished smudging your main room or area, you should smudge all around the house, then turn on some excellent relaxing music so that it can take away any negative energies from around you. Your room will be filled with the smoke and smell of sage for a few hours after you have cleared it because this is considered a sacred space, and many people tend to pass over or sit down at their mantles when performing rituals or ceremonies.

10. Cleanse Any Item That Hold Negative Energy Or Fear


It is essential to cleanse any object in your home that holds negative energy or fear, such as an old mirror, a broken chair, a new table, an old couch, and anything you have stored for a long time. Any of these items will be difficult for you to put away later on, especially if you experience unpleasant things after getting rid of them from your house. A simple ritual cleansing with sage and water will help you eliminate those feelings.

Final Words

Sage is an essential and valuable plant. It is a perfect cleanser for you, not only physically but also spiritually. It can help you cleanse your life of all the negative energy accumulated in your house over the years. Sage can be used as a natural cleanser, so please try it and see the great work it does in our everyday lives. But, it is not just another plant that can be used to cleanse your house. And instead, it is one of those plants which are very exotic with its healing properties.

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