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London : Capital City of United Kingdom

Capital City of United Kingdom

London is the capital city of United Kingdom . Situated on the banks of the River Thames in the southeast of the island of Great Britain , its settlement dates back more than two millennia ago, was founded around the year 43 by the Romans with the name Londinium .

The population of London is made up of a variety of ethnicities, cultures and religions, and more than 300 languages are spoken in the city. In 2007, the official population was 7,512,400 inhabitants in the Greater London region. Greater London and the area, the second largest in the European Union, has a population of 8,278,251 and the metropolitan area has an estimated population of 12-14 million.

London Capital City of United Kingdom

Interesting facts about London

In 1939 , London was a small city that comprised what today is called City of London or, more simply, the city . However, today it is one of the largest urban agglomerations or megacities in the world, having spread over miles, encompassing a multitude of ancient villages and adjoining villages.

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The metropolitan area of ​​London has a population of 14 945 000 inhabitants, larger than the populations of Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland together. It is the second largest metropolitan area in Europe , only surpassed by Moscow , and one of the 20 largest in the world, with a life and economic flow that put it in the second place shared world with the city of Paris ( France ), only by Behind the city of New York ( United States ).London Capital City of United Kingdom

Geography and climate
The Thames, a navigable river, crosses the present city and divides it into two halves. The river had a great influence in the development of the city. London was founded on the north bank of the Thames and, for many centuries, there was a single bridge in the city, the London Bridge . As a result, the main and most historic area of ​​London is the north bank of the river, where most of the tourist attractions, cinemas, theaters, concert halls and galleries are also found. When more bridges were built in the 18th century , the city expanded in all directions.

London Capital City of United Kingdom

London has a temperate oceanic climate, with unusually hot summers (average July temperature: 18 ° C), as well as very rarely a very severe winter (average January temperature: 6 ° C). In summer, temperatures rarely rise to more than 33 ° C, although high temperatures have become recurrent. The hottest day was recoderd in London was 38.1 ° C in the 2003 heat wave . London is Europe’s most polluted city, despite having a large expanse and large green areas, industries and cars emit much of the polluting gases of the British Isles.

London is one of the major centers of international business, and is considered one of the four “centers in command” of the world economy (below New York, Tokyo and Paris). The metropolitan area of ​​London generates about 30% of the UK GDP in 2005 .

Tourism is one of the main sources of income and employees in this industry amounted to 35,000 full-time in London in 2003 , being a very popular destination for tourists, attracting 27 million every year, only surpassed by Paris in Europe.


The main attractions of London include the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament with its Big Ben , Trafalgar Square, Abbey Road, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Tower Bridge , Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, The Mall, The Buckingham Palace , St Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, or Windsor Castle .

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