Cairo : The Capital City Of Egypt

Capital City Of Egypt

The capital city of Egypt is Cairo. It is the largest city in the Arab world and in Africa. To the southwest is the city of Giza and the ancient necropolis of Memphis, with the Giza plateau and its monumental pyramids, as the Great Pyramid . To the south is the place where the old city of Memphis was built.

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Capital City Of Egypt

The city was founded in 116 a. C., in what today is known as Old Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt, when the Romans rebuilt an old Persian fort by the river Nile . Before its foundation, Memphis or other cities were the capital of the pharaonic empire . The current name is due to the Fatimids, who baptized the city with the name of Al-Qahira. After several invasions as the Mamluks , Ottomans , Napoleon and the British, Cairo became the sovereign capital in 1952.

Capital City Of Egypt

History About Cairo

Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt, Al-Qahira , was founded by the Fatimid Yawhar al-Qaid in 972 , north of the palaces and covering al-Askar and Al-Qatta’i, and there was built the mosque of Al -Azhar, the first university in history. This city became the urban center over the years, although at the beginning of the Caliphate Fatimí Al-Fustat remained the capital.


In Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt is found on the banks and islands of the Nile River, south of the delta (30 ° 3’0 “N 31 ° 15’40” E). To the southwest lies the city of Giza and the ancient necropolis of Memphis, with the Giza plateau and its monumental pyramids, like the Great Pyramid. To the south is the place where the old city of Memphis was built.


Its temperature is its climate is Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. The mildest period covers the months of November to March, and average temperatures range from 23-24 ° C during the day. It is important to specify the part of the day because in Egypt, daytime and nighttime temperatures suffer from great contrasts. Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt suffers very hot temperatures, arriving during the day at average records of 35-36 ° C, which descend at night to 21-22 ° C.


Cairo One-fifth of Egypt’s total population resides in its metropolitan area, so most of the national trade is generated or passes through there. This has led to rapid growth: one in ten buildings is less than fifteen years old. Roads, electricity, telephone and sewerage were soon small. Several analysts who studied the changes called this process as hyper-urbanization .

Interesting Facts About Cairo


The most important is the Egyptian Museum, located on Tahrir Square and home to the world’s largest collection of objects from ancient Egypt. He is currently planning his move to a major building, erected in the area of ​​Guiza.

Egyptian Museum

The great Egyptian Museum of Cairo, collects the largest collection of the world on Ancient Egypt, with more than 120,000 objects. Its history begins in 1798 , due to the expectation that the expedition of Napoleon raised in Europe: during the nineteenth century agents of the European consuls, like Drovetti or Belzoni sought and removed of the country all type of relics, until in 1835 the Egyptian Antiquities Service to protect the monuments and treasures of the plunder.


The mission of the Pyramid Keops was to house the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Cheops and it is estimated that for its construction used about 2.5 million blocks of limestone. More distant from the neighboring pyramids of the queens are the two great pyramids of Chephren and Mycerinus . In its origins, the Mamluks made their public executions here, but from the 19th century the place was chosen by Saint Mitwalli for the performance of his miracles.

Nowadays, the population and the tourists nail a lock of hair or a piece of their clothes in the door in order to see their pleas fulfilled. Also in Islamic Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt is Bayn al-Qasryn, which was the city’s main public square in the Middle Ages. In it are erected several mamelucos palaces, emphasizing the Mausoleum and Madraza of Qalaun, whose origin goes back to 1279 .


Football is the most popular sport among the Cairota. The city hosts the two colossus of Egyptian football, Zamalek and Al-Ahly, between them adding 11 African Champions League trophy titles with a wound plus Al-Ahly above the other team. Both play as local at the Cairo International Stadium, located in the suburb of Nasr City , remodeled in 2005 and with capacity for 75,000 spectators. It is one of the largest and most modern stadiums in Africa, and is also home to the Egyptian national team. The majority of Egyptian and African football governing bodies are based in or around Cairo.

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